Essays on Magic and Witchcraft

These pdf essays are part of my Satanic Witchcraft Series. These writings are part of the book on Satanic Witchcraft that I have been writing since last year. My method of Satanic Witchcraft is based on simple, basic formulas that you can learn from, whereby you can create your own personal method that suits you after you learn the basics of these methods. You need Adobe Reader to read these pdf files. Get free Adobe reader here.

You are free to download and read this series on Satanic Witchcraft, but you are not free to reproduce any part of it, (including linking to these pdf documents), without my permission. These documents were created with care because of the time, attention and interest that went into researching these subjects and writing about them, and if you would like to link to these pdf documents, please contact me before you do. Thank you - and please don't forget to add these pdf articles and this page to your favorite occult bookmarks.

History of Ancient Magic, Part 1 - [PDF] The history of magic from ancient times, describing how the ancestors related to gods, magic and spirituality.

History of Ancient Magic, Part 2 - [PDF] The history of magic in ancient Greece and Rome, and how they created curses and magic with their gods.

History of Ancient Magic, Part 3 - [PDF] Age of magic prohibition, and the beginning of the persecution of innocents in the witchcraft trials.

History of Ancient Magic, Part 4 - [PDF] The Occult revival, and the interesting people in the history of magic, witchcraft and the occult.

Witchcraft As a Practice 1 - [PDF] Exploring witchcraft and how it is used in Satanism, and how it compares to other witchcraft practices.

Witchcraft As a Practice 2 - [PDF] My views on how faith, belief, and knowledge are used in magic and witchcraft.

Witchcraft As a Practice 3 - [PDF] An introduction to various elemental systems and how they relate to my method of Satanic magic

Witchcraft As a Practice 4 - [PDF] Exploring meditation and its use, and some useful tips and advice on how to relax and focus on meditation.

Additional Articles on Magic

Should Satanists use Banishing Rituals? - Some Satanists feel the need to banish before rituals. This article explains why Banishing Rituals may not be necessary.

The Use of Color In Magic - Why color is useful in witchcraft, ritual and magic, and a reference guide on what colors to use.

References and Other Links

The Satanic Witchcraft Bibliography - The list of Books referenced in this Satanic Witchcraft series. Provided for your exploration and information