Blood Magick

Blood is the essence of life, the essential component of our being. This was realized as early peoples observed when they watched a man's life, and his living energy drain from him as he lost blood. The connection between blood and life-force is not entirely based on physical evidence; it has a metaphysical comparison as well.

In the book titled "The Black Arts" by Richard Cavendish, he details the history of the use of blood for magick. A person's life experiences characteristics and qualities are contained in his blood; i.e. it represents the essence or soul of who he is. According to Cavendish, an ancient cure for epilepsy was to drink the blood of a slaughtered gladiator, which would give the person the strengths of the warrior who had fallen.

Cavendish says that the epileptic should reach the warrior before he has fallen in battle and drink of his blood as it fell from his wounds. Another example of blood containing the essence of life force is the historical "vampire", Countess Bathory who bathed in the blood of noble women to preserve her age and beauty. 1

The Spectators of hangings and executions, like that of hanging of Charles 1 of England and Louis XVI of France, dipped their handkerchiefs into the blood of those who were executed, to gain the vigor of their dying energy.

During the 17th century, It was said that the blood carried the life force of the executed criminal and that it was a strong protection from disease and misfortune. This is because the blood contained the "vigorous energy" of a man cut off in full health and during the expression of the powerful force of his resentment and anger. 2 People believed that blood was the life-force and to them it was more than just folklore, it was common belief.

The association with blood and life-force and vigor can be compared to sympathetic magick because it contains the qualities and energy of the life-force. The use of personal items like fingernails, hair, or even bits of clothing in a Black magic spell that come from the target, is a practice that began long ago in magick. It is based on the principle that an item or something from the body of an enemy target, is a direct link to that person. The hair and nails contain the same essential cells as the original body, and clothing or some other personal item has the same energies or vibrations that are attached to it for quite some time.

In modern times, the use of these items can be just as beneficial for creating a strong link between the magician and the target. The use of a photograph or descriptive drawing, or the writing of a name, is useful as well.

These items can be used during ritual magick or witchcraft to create the necessary link between you and your target.

-Venus Satanas

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