Creation of Rituals

Ritual, is created by the symbolism of traditional associations, and it is also designed within a certain structure. The three main elements of ritual are the opening ceremonies, the offering, or the act, and then the closing of the ritual. The opening ceremony is often designed to clear away unnecessary energies, thoughts and emotions, to cast the circle and to call upon the elements. Then the magician may call upon a god or goddess to assist in the ritual act. The mid-point of the ceremony, the offering as I have called it, is the point at which the act of destructive magic is cast, or put into working. The closing of the ceremony is often brief and it is designed to end the ceremony with symbolic closure, to let the spell take effect. The elemental energies are banished and the ritual circle is closed.

When writing a ritual, it should have one specific purpose to it, and this purpose should be all-inclusive. Stay with a structure, but be creative in its creation and implication- the magician should do whatever it takes (within the reason of law) to elevate the self to the proper mind state. Care for the preparation of the ritual is an important element as well. You must have all things gathered and ready when the chosen time has come. A well structured ritual is not haphazardly done, it is with purposeful intent and meaning, with specific meaning behind every moment.

The most important thing about ritual creation is to stay true to the intent. Make logical choices when it comes to calling upon a deity. Intent is the most important motivation behind creating a ritual; so examine this intent, to gain deeper understanding. Traditional ritual magic requires that the method presented should be adhered to, as closely as possible. If you are using a ritual that is new and unfamiliar, some of its elements may not be understood without careful research and study.

The creation of a proper ritual starts with pencil and paper, and an idea or inspiration. You will write out the materials used and the steps that will be taken, so that you can use it during the ritual and for future reference. You may even choose to take notes for your experience, just for reference. With time, you will have a collection of unique rituals that you can look through and use. A spiral notebook is sufficient for such writings and it will allow you to have access to your notes whenever you need reference.

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