Some magicians would define enchantment as using emotional intent to affect human behavior. However, I define enchantment as the act of infusing an object with a magical intent. The most common example of this is a Talisman or an amulet. A talisman is a carved or decorated object used for a spell or for a specific intent. An amulet is a carved or decorated object used for ward of protection. They are often inscribed with sigils or symbols intended to energize the object for a purpose.

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Planetary Talisman
Enchanted Object

This is like having a lucky bracelet or charm, for instance. You might wear it one day and have a lucky circumstance happen, and then assume that your bracelet is lucky. The charm had nothing to do with your good fortune. Assuming then, that you thought from then on that bracelet would bring you luck, and acted as if it did. You invested your mental energies into this item, imbuing it with the energy of "luck and fortune" and it retained these energies, and "fortunate" circumstances did arise.

Energies that are similar will attract energies of a similar nature.If you believe that your charm is lucky, it will indeed attract lucky circumstances. An enchantment will effect situations that are surrounding the object. Even though the object that you enchant is inanimate, and not living, it can still hold (mental or psychic) energy. Energy is best defined as an internal or external force which brings action. With this basic definition you can see how this energy when put into action has the ability to influence the environment. Every action produces a reaction. Yet another variable to consider is the Law of Contagion: This explains how everything within the environment is connected, in one way or another.

The Energy of Contagion

According to the Law of Contagion: "Anything that has been in contact with something else maintains contact with that thing through the ether." 1 When charming an object with an emotion; its helpful to understand how the process works. A photograph, for instance, is just a piece of paper with an image impressed upon it-- but to the person holding the photo, it becomes a sentimental object and a great emotion is attached to this piece of paper. Then, whenever the photo is seen, it evokes the same response again.

Attaching an emotion to an object can be done by choosing an object that is a similar representation of your desire. Of all the most basic energies a magician could enchant with are elemental energies. Using the effect and essence of an elemental is a basic route to enchanting an object. of course, a basic knowledge of the elements is necessary to get the real benefit of this type of magick. When working with elements, they can be combined with emotion to intensify the effect. An object can be enchanted with just about any type of energy to serve a purpose.

- Venus Satanas


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