Ritual Tools of the Art of Magic

Ritual tools for ceremonial magic or spell work are used in almost any practice of occult ritual or magic. These are tools that you will want to acquire if you want to use magic in a traditional way. These tools should be used only for magic and ritual and for nothing else. This is because once you consecrate your tools for magic they will have a specific purpose- only to be used for magic. There are two different kinds of tools. those that you will use often, like your dagger and robe, and there are also expendable items that you can use, like candles, incense, herbs and oils. A basic list of these tools are found below:

Dagger - A ritual knife or Dagger that Symbolizes Will and Power
Chalice - The Cup [or Chalice of Extacy] representing creation and life
Pentagram - Symbol of the Earth, foundation, reinforcement, and manifestation
Incense and Candles - symbolizing the transition of magic from matter into spirit
Robes - Changing identity from the mundane into the magic

Satanic Ritual Tools

Dagger - Your Satanic Dagger should be one of your most important tools. A dagger is a short knife. In casting spells, summoning, or performing Satanic ritual, the dagger is used to draw or send power and focus. Because of this it is considered to be an active, and masculine symbol. The dagger represents the element of Air [and also, Metal, in a five-element system]. It is most often associated with Satan because of its use in satanic magic to symbolize power and force. It can also represent any other demon or god that is associated with the element of Air. The dagger can be used to cast a curse or to direct energies. it is directly associated with the will and the manifestation of desire through force. The satanic dagger is used during rituals for invocation to draw power or to create boundaries.

Chalice - The satanic Chalice is a silver chalice that is used during ritual. It is filled with water or any other chosen liquid. The chalice used in Satanic ritual or magic is a symbol of the feminine and the force of creation. During ritual the chalice could be used for an offering or for during invocation. Some satanists associate the chalice with goddesses like Hecate, Lilith, Leviathan, or Tiamat, or any other demon or god that is associated with the element of water. It is called the Chalice of Extacy by some, because drinking from the chalice during ritual is symbolic of the association with the enjoyment of life, and the here and now.

Pentagram - The pentagram is a symbol familiar to all satanists. In ritual magic it is placed above the altar [or below, as shown] as a symbol of Baphomet, or a pentagram. It symbolizes all of the elements through the five points of the pentagram [air, fire, earth, water, and will] Some Satanists associate this symbol only with Satan as the force of nature, but from another perspective it also could represent Belial, Shub-Niggurath [as female, or male] Hecate, or any other deity from the underworld, or representing the element of earth.

Incense, oils, and Candles - The energy of fire with the spirit of air. Many associate these tools indirectly with Lucifer because of the illuminating nature of fire, and light. Specific candle colors are used during magic or ritual. A common choice is black, red and white. Oils traditionally represent the essence or spirit of a thing - for instance, in a magical use, oil of patchouli represents the spiritual essence of patchouli, the earth element and Saturnal energies. Incense is very much the same and it is usually associated with the element of Air but it is magical effects are most often attributed to the ingredients - like rose incense is often used for love spells and the energies of Venus.

Robes- Wearing robes for rituals is a personal choice. Robes do not have to be worn during ritual or magic, but they can take on a special meaning for those who choose to wear them. I have a robe but I use it only for special occasions. It is black, of course, and has a very simple design. You do not have to make your own robes as there are many places to purchase one online. A soft natural fiber is best. Using a robe allows the magician to transform from the mundane into the magical. There is also the option of not wearing robes, or wearing nothing at all, which can be a very liberating experience in the right situation!

-Venus Satanas

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