Satanic Ritual Magick

There are two main types of magic in Ceremonial Magick. The first kind is known as ritual magic, or High Magick. This practice of magick is performed by ceremony or by ritual spell work. Ritual spell work can involve ritual magick, calling upon or using the name of a god, cursing using gods or demons, or ritual poppet making, candle burning or any other activity that uses ritual tools or ceremony to create magic.

We will first take a look at ritual magics and how they can be used for Black magic and satanism. Ritual magic is a higher form of the art of magick with which the magician employs the use of traditional ritual tools, and creates a ritual based upon a magic tradition. This ritual could also include the use of gods or goddesses, or spirits. Spell casting, is a simpler form of ritual magic which often has its base in folklore, and it is known as simpler method of ritual magic simply for the fact that it requires only simple tools or methods to cast a spell. The practice of Ritual Magic is an ancient art, and ir is a kind of ceremony that is performed to enact change in the physical world.

The use of ritual items in this kind of magic is symbolic, and every action has its metaphysical meaning as well. Each element corresponds to a certain ascribed occult meaning and each moment of the ritual whether it is for speaking or for silence, is made for a purpose. The tools and methods that you will use depend on the paradigm of magick that you are working with.

The two main types of ritual are traditional rituals, and self-created rituals. The first kind of ritual magic is the kind that has been created and used many times by traditions of magic, which I will label as traditional ritual magic, or [Satanic] High Magick. The second kind of ritual is the kind that you create yourself, from your own references and materials, which I will simply call ritual magic.

There is power in both methods of ritual magick, either from created rituals or from traditional work. The associative quality of traditional ritual magic gives it structure and stability, and this practice works because these rituals have been performed many times over, and the associative vibrations are much stronger when calling upon ancient powers or using traditional practices. When working with self-created ritual magick the effects can be just as powerful. This ritual structure allows the magician to use these self-created (metaphysical) associations as a pathway to power. Basic, self-created ritual magic is just as potent because it draws upon the personal subconscious associations and creates a chosen reality through this method.

I suggest that you learn to be proficient at ritual magics first before attempting direct magick; both with spell casting and basic satanic ritual, so that you can have the foundation of knowledge and basic experience to be able to take magic to any level, if it is traditional or not. In the next article,Creation of Rituals, I write about what a ritual is composed of, and the purpose and use of ritual in magick.

Magick Rituals

Modern Satanism, sometimes referred to as LaVeyan or Atheistic Satanism, uses a form of magic in ritual that is intended to destroy a magicians enemies.

In the Satanic bible is said that there are only three main uses of ritual, known as "Lust, Compassion and Destruction". The rituals in this book, such as the ritual of Destruction are created specifically to destroy another person's life or even to symbolically destroy a target.

Satanic Ritual

The ritual of Lust is designed to magnetically take hold of a target's subconscious actions, enslaving a person through their natural desires, according to the magician's need. The ritual of Compassion is designed to bring beneficial or compassionate effects for the magician. It is taught within the Satanic Bible that these three rituals are all that the Satanic Magician needs for successful magick.

The Satanic Ritual temple is labeled as the "Intellectual decompression chamber", where the psychological needs of the magician are fulfilled along with the desire to gain control and power. The five-fold formula for this success as outlined by the Satanic Bible, are desire, timing, imagery, direction, and balance1. These five ingredients, when used according to the book's instruction, are what make the LaVey method of magic work so well. Of course, LaVey was working from the writings of other magicians so this system is not entirely new, but it is a simple system that works.

Desire is a main ingredient in this formula and it can be compared to the "will" or the living conscious force that directs action. Timing is an issue of receptivity, the Satanist seeks to strike out at their enemy when the recipient is at his most vulnerable state. The imagery used in Satanic magic is the inspiration that fuels the fires of the passions of the will. Direction is a very important factor when casting this magic, as it must be sent when it is at its peak of strength. The magician creates a balance by destroying or eliminating what is unnecessary, weak or useless.

Anton LaVey claimed that there is no division between black and white magic. He explained that magic is magic, no matter what the magician seeks to manifest. In this view, magic is performed in order to satisfy personal desires. LaVey had claimed that the use of magick and spirituality and occultism are for the purposes of "ego gratification"2. No act of magic is completely selfless, even if the magic is for altruistic purposes.

-Venus Satanas

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