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The archetype, a concept [identified by Carl Jung] describes the psychological aspect of religions and gods by relating them to an archetype, a form which contained principles that were eternal and related to our collective consciousness, which he believed created the underlying principals of religion and consciousness. Jung classified the archetype into four different categories: Mother, Rebirth Spirit, and Trickster.


There are many systems of Astrology, but these are the three most popular and accurate associations. The Tropical Zodiac is used by astrologers in the West, and it represents the traditional system used by astrologers for natal and horary astrology. It is based on the Gregorian calendar. The sidereal zodiac is a system that is used in India and the East, and it is considered to be more precise according to the procession of the equinoxes. The Astronomer's zodiac is useful for astronomers and it is not considered to be esoteric.


A banishing is a ritual, designed to clear away or remove negative energies or entities from a ritual space. for some traditions this is a prerequisite before summoning. Mostly used in neo-pagan rituals and ceremonial magick.

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Candles are used during spellwork or ritual to symbolise the element of fire and will. They also are used in different colors and shapes to focus and increase the effect of spellwork.


The satanic Chalice is a silver chalice that is used during ritual. It is filled with water or any other chosen liquid. The chalice used in Satanic ritual or magic is symbolic of the element of water.


The circle is the symbol of eternal life and death. The magic circle is known as the Circle of the Art in the Grimoire of Solomon. The Circle is inscribed into the ritual area, and used as a boundary between the magician and the spirits.

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While casting spells, summoning, or performing Satanic ritual, the dagger is used to draw or send power and focus. It represents the element of Air or Metal in some traditional systems of Magic.

  Diabolism, Diabolatry

Spiritual occult practice of the worship of the Christian devil, in a Satanic Context; ie. Christian Devil worshipers who revere Satan as a fallen angel as taught by the theology of Christianity, who identify with the basic values of Satanism. See also: Traditional Satanism

Venus Satanas: Definition of Theistic Satanism


Divination is a method that enables the reader or medium to see the possible or most likely outcome of the future, either to diagnose a situation or to determine the success of a magic or mundane endeavor


Evocation is a method of summoning an entity into a physical manifestation through the means of ritual, concentrated prayer, or by spiritual invocation. Methods of evocation can be found in grimoires, and manuals for magic(k) and summoning. It is compared to invocation an inner manifestation of a spirit or deity within the consciousness of the summoner.


Incense is used during a ritual or during spell casting to focus the intent and to increase the effects of a spell. Associated with the element of Air


Invocation is a method of calling upon an entity or spirit. It is a form of theurgy, which is calling upon a demon, deity or god for the purpose of magic, by using chanting, incantations or other methods that make it manifest in the conscious mind of the summoner.

  LaVeyan Satanism

Those who identify with the philosophy and teachings of Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan, and the Satanic Bible, and who are symbolic or atheist in belief, are often labeled as 'LaVeyan Satanists'.

Venus Satanas: Definition of Theistic Satanism


Magic is symbolized through ritual or spell work that is guided by the inner motivations of the magician. The success of the magician depends on creativity, knowledge and resourcefulness through the practical application of magic.

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Oils traditionally represent the essence or spirit of a thing from which it is drawn. In my system of witchcraft, it is symbolized by the element of spirit


A pact is a document that is created by a magician. The purpose and methods of pact making varies but they are most often used to ally with a spiritual force, or to bargain with a demon or god.

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The pentagram is a symbol familiar to all satanists. In ritual magic it is placed above the altar [or below] as a symbol of Baphomet. It represents all of the elements through the five points of the pentagram [air, fire, earth, water, and will]

  Satanic Altar

the altar is more than just a table ; from a metaphorical view it is the 'earth', the arena and sacred space from which the magician uses the tools to create change. When your items of magic or ritual are assembled upon the Satanic altar you are representing all the forces of nature

Theistic Satanism

Theistic Satanism is the belief in or experience of Satan as an entity. This is a general term for Satanists that know and experience Satan as a god. Theology of Theistic Satanism is varied according to personal beliefs.

Venus Satanas: Definition of Theistic Satanism

Traditional Satanism

[More properly called, Diabolism]As a form of theistic Satanism, it is the religious worship of Satan as represented by Satanists within the mythologies of Christian and Gnostic texts.

Venus Satanas: Definition of Theistic Satanism


The Triangle of the Art of Summoning is a symbol that represents manifestation and focus during summoning. The magician creates these symbols within the summoning area to evoke, or manifest a demon into the triangle. It is symbolic of the manifestation, direction and control of the spirit evoked.