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We are in the chatroom 24-7. If we do not answer immediately please wait. You must have patience since some of us may be AFK (away from the keys) or multi-tasking when you arrive. There are always people in the chatroom ready for conversation, but it might take a few minutes to have some of us arrive back at the keys if we aren't present when you enter. Again, it is worth noting, that the chatroom is always monitored but we may not be available as soon as you enter. The busiest chatroom in our network is #satanity, and that is the same room that you are connected with when you connect with the link posted above.

Our network hosts THE busiest and best Satanist chatroom anywhere on the internet, it is always monitored by our channel operators, and it was established in 2007. The Channel operator is Venus Satanas (venus666), and others. The most important rule in the IRC chat is that you stay on-topic and avoid mundane chat (tv, movies, politics, ect). Any topic is allowed as long as it is related to Satanism. You can also read the Helpful Hints section below so that you know how to use the chatroom.

The topic varies according to the theme of the channel that you are in. For instance, the #satanity channel is focused on all of the varieties of Satanism, and topics of interest to Satanists. When you enter, the Main Channel topic is posted as a notice to you. However, we may or may not be discussing that particular topic, but you are free to discuss that topic or any other topic that is relevant to the channel that you are visiting.

Helpful Hints: These are commands that you use in the chatroom so that you can change your nickname, and join new channels. Simply type the command and press enter while you are in the chatroom.

If you need to reconnect type /connect (or click on connect in the chat window)
To change your nickname type /nick newnickname
To join another channel type /join #channelname

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