Occult Chatrooms

Our Text Chatrooms at IRC

Here at you have the opportunity to speak with me and with my friends and fans at two different kinds of chatrooms. First of all, there is the IRC chatrooms where we have text chat. Our IRC rooms have been in service for over 3 years and its a pleasure for me to be there every single day, along with my friend nagasiva [of]. You are welcome to stop by there and talk with either one of us. We are usually available every day, and even when we aren't at the keys, we will see your message in our chat window and we will reply.

Each chatroom that we have at IRC is set up for a specific purpose - so that we can use each room for a specific area of the occult. We have the Occult_Practice chatroom that was set up so that we can discuss practices in magic and the occult. We also have the Esoteric channel where we discuss theories and ideas on magic, spirituality and the occult. We also have our main chat, Satanity, where we discuss all forms of Satanism. In addition to that there is the Tarot chatroom, the Witchcraft chatroom, and last but certainly not least, the Thelema chatroom which is owned by our friend Roshi.

Access the Text Chatrooms

Please visit this link to find out how to access our Dalnet IRC chatrooms - IRC Chat

Our Video Chatroom

Live streaming web cam sessions with Venus Satanas! Our video chat is hosted by Tinychat, and we meet there on Saturday and Sunday, at 7pm eastern time. We discuss a topic related to Satanism, magic or the Occult, the topic chosen by me. You are welcome to visit on those days and at those times to speak with my many friends and fans who want to meet with me in person and discuss Satanism, and with those who want to meet with others in my growing network online.

Access the Video Chatroom

Please visit this link to join the Video Chatroom - Video Chat