-- VARIOUS COMMANDS FOR THE IRC CHAT ROOM Helpful Hints: These are commands that you use in the chatroom so that you can change your nickname, and join new channels. Simply type the command and press enter while you are in the chatroom.

Fill in these fields:
Chatroom: satanity
Nickname: Choose your Nickname
Real Name: (optional; type your name)
Change nick: /nick newnicknam [changes your nickname]
Open a Chat: /join #channelname [Opens chatroom; dont forget the hash mark]
Private Msg: /query nickname [opens a private chat discussion]
Channel search /list #channel [opens a window, searches and lists other chanels for you]
Reconnect to chat /connect [this reconnects you if you are disconnected. Alternately, you can click on connect in the chat window]
If you need to reconnect type /connect (or )
To change your nickname type /nick newnickname
To join another channel type /join #channelname

Our Channels on the Dalnet Server:

Irc is very easy to use. Irc is a service that hosts servers, which contain channels where people chat. Our server on IRC is Dalnet, and our main channel for chat is named #Satanity


When you join the channel and sign into Dalnet, a window pops up that provide the chatroom for you to talk in. This is just a basic setup that allows us to communicate. I do not use the java chatroom - i use Icechat, or MirC... these are programs that allow you to customize your chat experience. I would recoomend the java chat for casual chatters. If you decide to stay in our chatroom, it is recommended that you also find a chat IRC program that allows you to chat directly, wihtout using the small [and uncustomizeable ] Java chatroom.


CHATROOM NICKNAMES: Choose a nickname before you connect to the channel. If someone else on tha dalnet server is using that same nickname, the server will remind you in the server tab [to the left of your main chatroom tabs]

**To choose another nickname type this: /nick newnickname You can add numbers and underscores to your nickname to customise it, like this: /nick Satanas_666 once you press enter, the chat server recognizes the command and your nickname is changed.

ABOUT OUR CHANNELS We host several channels on the dalnet server. If you like, please ask what chanels that we have available in our network. Each chanel is topical - that means that each channel is focused on a specific topic. We discuss occult theories in #esoteric and we discuss #witchcraft in the witchcraft channel.

It is customary to move a discussion to another channel if it strays from the main topic of the channel that you are in. Thats just the way that we roll - its worked for us since 2007 and it provides educational space in cyberspace to learn about magic, occultism and Satanism.

JOINING OTHER CHANNELS If you want to join another channel, you type a command for the channel server. Our chatrooms are hosted by Dalnet servers, so when you join the chatroom through the Java chat service at the site, you are automatically connected to our main channel, #Satanity

HOW TO JOIN OTHER CHANNELS channel names are recognised by the server by using a hash mark, like this # So when you want to join another channel, you can type /join #channelname where channelnamme is the name of the channel that you want to join.

Here is an example: /join #esoteric Then you hit the enter key, and the command is sent to the server, and a new window pops up with the esoteric chatroom.

Alternately, you can also double click on the channel name and the window will open and you will join the channel automatically.

There is *no limit* to how many channels that you can be in at one time. For instance I usually join at least 7 channels on the Dalnet server, every day.

PRIVATE MESSAGES To private message someone type this /query username where username is the name of the person that you want to chat with in private. You can also double click on their chat name to open a private chat. This allows you to handle sensitive information without disrupting the chanel with off topic chat.

Generally, it is polite to ask someone first before you open a private chat tab. Overall, we prefer open chat in the main chatrooms instead of private discussions.