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The Left Hand Path Books site is hosted by the creator of the Spiritual Satanist (Venus Satanas) website. It is an Amazon.com portal into the Occult. Here you will find useful books tools and more to help complete your journey in the Left Hand Path, Satanism, Witchcraft and the Occult.

Left Hand Path Books is arranged so that everything is easy for you to find. Use the searchbar on the top left of the page, or browse by subject! Selected items are chosen for their popularity, usefulness and relevance. Now you don't have to spend hours surfing Amazon when you can find everything you need right here. Along with this are a list of resources that you can use for your spiritual journey along the way. You can also read useful Articles To aid you in your magical and spiritual workings in Satanism, magic and the occult.


About Venus Satanas

My name is Venus Satanas. I have been involved with Satanism, magic and the Occult for over 25 years. I have been an influence worldwide with my website, SpiritualSatanist.com since 2004, Blog since 2007, and Video Channel at Youtube with over 10,000 subscribers worldwide. I am always asked, "what are the best books, tools and other items that can be used for Satanism and the occult"? So, I decided to gather all of it here in one place for you to browse. Along with these links to Amazon you can read articles, reviews and other information to help you with your purchases. Thank you for visiting my site, Left Hand Path Books... And I hope you find something that you like!

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