Modern Magick

Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts:

Modern Magick (by D. M. Kraig) at Amazon
  • By Donald Michael Kraig
  • Paperback: 528 pages
  • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Revised, Expanded ed. edition (September 8, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0738715786 | ISBN-13: 978-0738715780

Written for solitary practitioners of the high magic arts, this book will help to guide you on the art of ritual magick. Based on Hermetics and planetary magick, it’s easy to understand formula will show you the basics of meditation and visualization, and important and necessary step in magick. Learn about charging and using the tools of magic, how to use talismans and amulets, and how to practice psychic self defense. No matter what your path is these are the basics of ritual magic that you can carry with you for a lifetime.

As a guidebook the lessons progress from easy to complex so it is perfect for those who are just beginning ritual magic. This book is also a great introduction to the works of Crowley and the Golden dawn, because it works with many of the same basic rituals that they use in those ancient systems of ritual magick. You do not necessarily have to be a fan of Crowley or the Golden Dawn to appreciate this book, however as it covers many of the basic aspects of ritual magic in general in a way that allows you to adapt it to your own personal style.

I always recommend that before you get into summoning from the Goeita you should have a basic understanding of high (ritual) magic so that you can get results. This book makes for a great introduction to all the things you may need to know to work ritual ceremonial magick, including how to create and perform your own magical rituals.

Modern Magick (by D. M. Kraig) at Amazon

Modern Magick (by D. M. Kraig) at Amazon

Working with Crystals, Metals and Stones [1]

Amethyst At Amazon

This is a new series here at the Left Hand Path Books Blog, on working with Crystals, Stones and Metals in your magical and spiritual work. If you aren’t working with these items in your spiritual work you could be missing out on a wonderful opportunity to expand and grow your available resources.

Crystals are beautiful but their purpose is so much more than just beauty. Our world around us is powered by crystals, from the liquid crystal display you are reading on to the silicon processor chips powering your desktop device. Some examples of crystal structures include table salt and snowflakes, but for spiritual purposes we are most familiar with the beautiful variety of ancient crystal clusters and points that we can use for ritual, meditation and healing.

Because crystals are ancient, they carry the vibrational energies of the earth. Crystals oscillate at their own specific frequencies. These special vibrations are useful in magic practice and for meditation, and influencing the electromagnetic field of the body. Crystals, stones and metals have been used for thousands of years for their healing and positive benefits. Actively tapping into these forces allows you to influence your life in a positive way.

Crystals have a positive influence on our well being by enabling a state of mind that promotes physical healing. In a recent study, it was shown that there is power behind positive thinking and that it can influence a person’s health in a measurable way.

In an article from PsychCentral, students were tested based on the influence of positive thought. The students who were confident and had a positive outlook had “more, and better functioning immune cells than the worried students.”1 Another study from Hopkins Medical shows how positive thinking can prevent long-term damage to the body. It was shown that “researchers suspect that people who are more positive may be better protected against the inflammatory damage of stress.”2 Crystals can help to maintain that positive state of mind that can create and influential benefit in your life.

Blue Calcite At Amazon

Crystals, stones and metals are used for grounding and centering, healing. They can be used as the focus of ritual or spell to achieve an outcome. They can be used for spirituality and to increase personal awareness. This article series will focus on all these aspects and so much more in the coming weeks.

To recap, crystals are ancient materials that carry vibrational frequencies, they can help to influence a person’s outlook and carry a physical and spiritual benefit, and they can be used in a variety of ways to help your spiritual and magical practices. With the variety of crystals out there you are sure to find something that you can use in your daily life. Next we will explore the association between crystals, their color and their uses.


  1. By the middle of the first semester, the students who had been confident that they would do well had more and better functioning immune cells than the worried students. [Text]

       2. The mechanism for the connection between health and positivity remains murky, but researchers suspect that people who are more positive may be better protected against the inflammatory damage of stress [Text]

The Master Works of Chaos Magick (Adam Blackthorne)

The Master Works of Chaos Magick at Amazon
  • By Adam Blackthorne
  • Paperback: 99 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 20, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • 1533352070 | ISBN-13: 978-1533352071

Practical Techniques For Directing Your Reality
Explore the world of possibilities with Chaos magic in this definitive guide on using sigils and entities to create what you want in your world. This book helps you to simplify your magic practices and allows you to use magick in a personal way so that you can tailor your results according to what you need. Chaos Magick strips the art of magick down to its bare essentials so it is useful in our modern world. Many people have found this book to be an easy to read, practical guide to the art of Chaos Magick.

If you have never worked with Chaos Magick before this book would be excellent for those that want to try and see if the path of Chaos Magick is right for you. This book teaches you a method of emotional crafting and gnosis, by helping you to change your world view in a spiritual but non-religious way so you can understand how magic works. The Master Works of Chaos Magic will teach you to raise the energy of the universe and use it in a constructive way. Learn how to work with thoughtforms and sex magick to achieve results through the use of sigils, and create personal servitors that can help you in business, personal life, relationships or your own creativity. Blackthorne has remastered the method of sigil working and contacting spirits in a new way to aid you in your magical workings.

The author Adam Blackthorne states: “Chaos magick can be the beginning of magick, the first magick you try, where you sense the potential of the occult. Chaos magic can be something you come to later in life, to help you break through dogma and try new magickal technology”

The Master Works of Chaos Magick at Amazon

The Master Works of Chaos Magick at Amazon

Dark Moon Mysteries: Wisdom, Power, and Magic of the Shadow World

Dark moon Mysteries, A journey into the Shadow Self

  • By Timothy Roderick
  • Paperback: 216 pages
  • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Reprint edition (July 8, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0738747211 | ISBN-13: 978-0738747217
Dark Moon Mysteries (by Timothy Roderick) at Amazon

This book takes you on a path of inner exploration with rituals, symbolic meanings, the psyche and magic. While it is a book aimed at a Wiccan or Pagan audience it is useful for those on the Left Hand Path who are looking for a guide to understanding the dark side of the psyche. The dark side of the psyche holds secrets that could help you to reach personal enlightenment, and for a full understanding of magic it should be explored. This book and the exercises within helps the reader to understand the shadow self and to use it in a beneficial way.

Through this book you will be guided on Jungian analysis, focusing on the works of Joseph Campbell, allowing you to use ancient mythology as a basis for understanding the subconscious. This book also focuses on the archetypes of the Sage and Crone, who are seen as the wise and older and darker aspects of spirituality. In focusing on these figures, you can allow yourself to explore the darker side of your psyche.

There are journal exercises, guided meditations and craft projects to help you to connect to your inner spirit. Dark Moon Mysteries is an interesting book for those that are new to spirituality who want to understand that we as humans, have a dark side, and we can use it in a spiritual way for self empowerment.

A Quote from the author, Timothy Roderick, states: “The journey into the dark can help you to reconstruct and complete your power as a human being, as a mixture of both positive and negative, constructive and destructive, active and passive power…The real work of journeying into the dark involves looking inward and discovering your own voice, your own guidance, and your own power.”

Dark Moon Mysteries (by Timothy Roderick) at Amazon

Dark Moon Mysteries (by Timothy Roderick) at Amazon