Left Hand Path Books Contest Winner!

Congratulations to JAYDEN who won a copy of Paths to Satan: A Guide to Contemporary Satanism! This highly rated book is a great introduction to Spiritual and Theistic Satanism.. According to the author, Martin Mcgreggor: “This book, written by a practicing Satanist, can be used as a starting point for Satanists to help open a dialogue or educate their family and friends about their spiritual path”

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Left Hand Path Books Giveaway!

Left Hand Path Books Giveaway

A Thank you to my subscribers…
To say thanks to my newsletter subscribers for making this blog an awesome success, I am running a giveaway from January through March of this year. One winner will be chosen to receive the book of the month, mailed to them, courtesy of Amazon.com. It’s a surprise what the book is but you will no doubt be pleased.

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To be qualified to win the book giveaway, sign up for the Left Hand Path Books newsletter, choose the contest option to enter, and remain subscribed to the Left Hand Path Books newsletter by 3/30/17 for your chance to win. You must be a US resident.  Please read the official rules at the Official Giveaway and Rules Page

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In Satan’s Service,
Venus Satanas

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