Dark Moon Mysteries: Wisdom, Power, and Magic of the Shadow World

Dark moon Mysteries, A journey into the Shadow Self

  • By Timothy Roderick
  • Paperback: 216 pages
  • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Reprint edition (July 8, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0738747211 | ISBN-13: 978-0738747217
Dark Moon Mysteries (by Timothy Roderick) at Amazon

This book takes you on a path of inner exploration with rituals, symbolic meanings, the psyche and magic. While it is a book aimed at a Wiccan or Pagan audience it is useful for those on the Left Hand Path who are looking for a guide to understanding the dark side of the psyche. The dark side of the psyche holds secrets that could help you to reach personal enlightenment, and for a full understanding of magic it should be explored. This book and the exercises within helps the reader to understand the shadow self and to use it in a beneficial way.

Through this book you will be guided on Jungian analysis, focusing on the works of Joseph Campbell, allowing you to use ancient mythology as a basis for understanding the subconscious. This book also focuses on the archetypes of the Sage and Crone, who are seen as the wise and older and darker aspects of spirituality. In focusing on these figures, you can allow yourself to explore the darker side of your psyche.

There are journal exercises, guided meditations and craft projects to help you to connect to your inner spirit. Dark Moon Mysteries is an interesting book for those that are new to spirituality who want to understand that we as humans, have a dark side, and we can use it in a spiritual way for self empowerment.

A Quote from the author, Timothy Roderick, states: “The journey into the dark can help you to reconstruct and complete your power as a human being, as a mixture of both positive and negative, constructive and destructive, active and passive power…The real work of journeying into the dark involves looking inward and discovering your own voice, your own guidance, and your own power.”

Dark Moon Mysteries (by Timothy Roderick) at Amazon

Dark Moon Mysteries (by Timothy Roderick) at Amazon

My Name is Legion: For We Are Many (by S. Connolly)

Satanism and Demonolatry Anthology Book

My Name is Legion: For We Are Many (by S. Connolly) at Amazon

By S. Connolly
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 16, 2012)
Pages: 112
ISBN-10: 1470081725 | ISBN-13: 978-1470081720

My Name is Legion: For We Are Many is the first anthology book of its kind, bringing together Theistic Satanists and Demonolators, and Dark Pagans. People from all walks of life from all around the world, tell their own personal stories about how they discovered their path in Demonolatry, Dark Paganism or Satanism, and how it had changed their lives.

Providing a variety of viewpoints, this book aims to show how much can be found to learn from in the Left Hand Path. Included with this is a section on artwork and poetry with a Satanic theme. My Name is Legion: For We Are Many is sure to be a favorite!

From the inside, a forward by S. Connolly: “You’ll read stories of self-discovery and personal truth. Stories all of us who take the path less traveled can relate to. Stories those who chose more mainstream paths may not know of.  It was my hope, in compiling this book, that we could educate others by showing that we’re normal people like anyone else. We walk among you. there are many of us.”

You can read more about S. Connolly and her work in Demonolatry and Satanism at her Author Spotlight page.

My Name is Legion: For We Are Many (by S. Connolly) at Amazon

My Name is Legion: For We Are Many (by S. Connolly) at Amazon