Satanic Links and Resources

This is a collection of links for Satanism and the Left Hand path. Some of the sites linked here have participated with my link exchange. If you have a site that is related to Occultism, Satanism and magic, visit the SpiritualSatanist Link Exchange page, to find out how to exchange links with my site.

Satanism and LHP Websites

Real Satanists
The Elite List of Real Satanists at!

Satan's Den
Theistic Satanism and Demonolatry

The Gnostic Luciferian
The Path of Luciferian and Gnostic Witchcraft

Lord Marduk's Satanic Essays
Articles and writings from the Satanic mind of Lord Marduk

Diane Vera's Theistic Satanism Site
Theistic Satanism Resources, articles and information. For those who see Satan as a deity, not just a symbol

A Theistic Satanism Site with articles on Satanism, created by Dana Everard

Satanism in Turkey
Turkish Satanism for our friends in Europe! Come and visit.

Sic Luceat Lux
The Dark Pagan, polytheist, pantheist, Karl

Theistic Satanism
At the Temples of Satan blog, created by P.D. Payne

The Ooze at BlogTalk Radio
The Ooze is a talk radio show about magic, the Left Hand Path, H.P. Lovecraft, Satanism, and sex. We bring you fruitful discussion every Saturday at noon central time

Diary of a Satanist
Very insightful discussions on Satanism, and life - by Infinity Diabolus. While you are there, you should also visit her side project, Satanic Pride - another blog authored by Infinity Diabolus

Occult Essays Taboos of Society
An exploration of the forbidden

Egregore Throughout History
Frater U.D. explains the history of the God-Form

ALT Satanism FAQ
This is FAQ of Satanism

The Satanism Page
Excellent Reference for Satanism, Brought to you by KIA Sorcery Wiki

Who Serves Satan? A Demographic and Ideological Profile
James R. Lewis, Marburg Journal of Religion Volume 6, No. 2 (June 2001)

Diabolical Authority: Anton LaVey, The Satanic Bible and the Satanist
James R. Lewis, Marburg Journal of Religion Volume 7, No. 1 (September 2002)

Pope Lucifer of the Early Christian Church
Author: SatsUrn

Demonic Bible 1st Edition
Author: Tsirk Susej

The Meaning of the Name Belial
Author: Jeremy Crow

Relvm's Occult Philosophy
the insightful occultism of RelVm.

Occult Links
More Occult Links at

Books and Texts

LHP Texts
-Essential Left Hand Path texts

Sacred Texts
- Collection of Occult texts and documents

Aleister Crowley
-Crowley's list of essays at The Lucky Mojo Site

Favorite Occult Blogs Blog
- The Venus Satanas [Venus666] blog, Questions, answers and Info

The Peaceful Temple
- The Dark_Light Occult Blog

Faustus The Awesome
- The Faust Blog

Papers in the Attic
- The Simon Necronomicon GateWalker's Info Page

Occult and Satanic Music

Warlock Asylum
- Collaboration of poet / sound designer Messiah-el Bey and multi-instrumentalist / engineer Steve Berson.

The Black Goat Order
- Myspace page for the Satanic Metal band The Black Goat Order

Jade Sol Luna
- Pagan Radio Network's Jade Sol Luna (Night Ritual)

Pleasure the Priestess
-Jeremy Crowe, Luciferian Musician

Magick and Occult Communities

Occult Forum. Org
- Gathering Place for Occultists of all paths

Abrahadabra Forum
-Hermetic, Magic, Occult, and Left hand Path Forum

Veritas Academy
-Occult Studies, classes offered on magick and psi.

The Lucky Mojo Forum
- Spiritual supplies for hoodoo and conjure

Magick Circles
- Magician Networking Website

OFS Demonolatry
- Forum for Demonolators and the LHP

KIA Wiki
-Kaotic Illuminated Adepts Wiki Project

Aeclectic Tarot
-Forum for Tarot readers

Occult Section at Reddit
- Discuss occultism and the LHP at Reddit

Occult Supplies

The Lucky Mojo Curio Co.
- Find any supply you need for Magic, Sorcery and Spells here!

LHP Books
- Satanic, Dark Witchcraft, Magic and Left Hand Path Books and Merchandise

Venus Tarot Readings
-Experience a Tarot Reading from VenusSatanas

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Witchmarket, Pagan Auctions
Pagan Auctions

Grotto       Magistratis

Tarotsmith Free Tarot Reading & Divination

American Church of Satanism

Magic Spells Shop, White Magic, Black Magic Spells, Love Spells, Money Spells, Success Spells, Witch Craft, Wicca, Voodoo and Astrology,

 Magic spells, healing spells, love spells, protection spells, mystical talisman and charms available

   Merlin RavenSong

Magic Spells [Black & White], Love Spells, Money Spells, Witch Craft, and Wicca

Ceremonial Magick Top 100 Sites

Natural MAgick Shop

Dragon Moon

Venus Tarot Readings

House of Tarot - the best Gothic dating site! - the best Gothic dating site!


Acheron- Official Satanic Music
  Visit Acheron at Myspace!