Women’s Voices in Magic

Women’s Voices in Magic

Women’s Voices in Magic, published by Megalithica Press, is an anthology book with the stories of women from all walks of life and how they incorporate magic into their daily lives. Within this book you can hear the stories of how women have lived as witches, magic users and ceremonial magicians. Included are two stories from the Left Hand Path, one of which was authored by me.

This book was written to help others to understand what it is like to walk the path of magic as a woman. All of the stories here are meant to enlighten you and to let you see that women, too are capable of accomplishing so many good things within the occult. With the story that I wrote, my aim was to explain how women have been portrayed in Satanism and how it has affected me while walking this path.

While the audience is mainly for women, I think that all people can gain new knowledge by reading this book. I am very proud to contribute my story to this anthology and I hope that you will enjoy reading it.

An excerpt: . The essays in this book explode gender stereotypes and survey the spectrum of women’s experiences in magic. Women are witches, but also ceremonial magicians, Satanists and sex magicians…

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