Demonology Essays

Come learn about the nature of demons and demonic work. Whether you are curious or you are looking for research material, you may find it here.

On Demonology

Satanic Demonology
On the theory and practice of Satanic Demonology, separated from it’s roots of Christianity. This is a good place to begin.

Using an Ouija Board to Summon?
Why using a spirit board may not be a useful method of summoning.

The Guardian Demon
Friend, Teacher or Myth? Theory of the Guardian Demon

Ahriman The Persian Devil
Learn about the Persian Devil known as Ahriman, who ruled his own legion of demons.

Apollyon, the Greek Destroyer
Find out how the god Apollo became demonized into a being of death and destruction known as Apollyon

Prometheus, the Bringer of Satanic Enlightenment
The tale of Prometheus can teach us that obstacles can be overcome through self-understanding and perseverance.

The Adversarial Prototype : Ha-Satan
The force of Ha-satan is seen as one of the earliest prototypes for the Christian Satan.

Iblis and the Djinn
Meet the Islamic counterpart to Satan; Iblis

Shub-Niggurath, Goat of a Thousand Young
Meet the keeper of the gate, the legendary Goat of a Thousand Young

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