Incense for Satanic Ritual, Oils for Satanic Ritual

Here are the types of incense for Satanic Ritual and magical oils that I would personally associate with each planet.

Tools of Magic and Witchcraft

Below are the types of incense for Satanic Ritual and magical oils that I would personally associate with each planet. Some of them are unique to my practices and methods of witchcraft that I have used with success for many years. These are only my interpretations of the planetary energies and their demonic associations. They are based on basic elemental associations. With the four elements (Earth, Fire, Air, Water) you have all you need to create any kind of magic. Use them as you will.

Incense for Satanic Ritual

Incense for Satanic Ritual is for so much more than just setting a mood. Incense provides a necessary component of ritual. Incense can be used to charge objects and items with intent through the process of smudging. Incense can be used to enact a spell. It can also be used to aid in ritual work and summoning. When you work with incense you are using the element of air to communicate your intent.

There are different types of incense you could use for Satanic ritual. The easiest to use is stick incense. The powdered incense is rolled around a stick allowing it to burn for up to an hour with most incenses. There is also cone incense, rolled into a cone shape, which should be burned on a metal or glass surface that’s fireproof. You can also get an incense burner, and light charcoals and use resin incenses. The type of incense for Satanic ritual that you chose is up to you and the type of magic, ritual or spell work that you are doing.

Ritual Oils

Ritual oils work in much the same way. They can be used to anoint candles and objects. They can be diffused instead of burning incense for the same effect. They can be worn on the skin (considering their safety). Oils and herbs have been used for centuries for their proven healing powers. As a witch or magic user, when you use a Ritual Oil, you are tapping into the essence or spirit of a natural item.

Incense for Satanic Ritual
Patchouli Leaf & Oil

Patchouli (Satanic magic, lust, spirituality, focus, grounding, cursing)
Earth (grounding, focus)
Forest Pine (cleansing, money drawing)
Witch’s Brew (spiritual and earthy)
Basil (honesty, truth, commandment, money)
Cypress (limitations, learning, causing loss)
Mother Earth (Renewal, stability, worship)
Evergreen (cleansing, money drawing)
Ivy (cooperation, or discord)
Oak Moss (money drawing, gains)

Incense for Satanic Ritual
Sage Bundle

Vanilla (Luciferian Magic, mental powers, knowledge, calming)
Sandalwood (spirituality, calming, clearing, focus)
Egyptian Sandalwood (enlightenment, meditation)
Lemon (communication, clarity)
Lemon & Lime (communication, clarity)
Lavender (Protective, Healing, Attraction)
Garden Mint (Cleansing, Renewing, Money)
Lemongrass (Centering, Clarity, Calm)
Sage (wisdom, knowledge, clarity)
Spiknard (good luck, fortune, attraction)
Cedarwood (Money Drawing, Meditation, Fortune)
Absinthe: (Necromancy, if burnt with sandalwood as an incense)
Blueberry (aids in causing strife)

Incense for Satanic Ritual
Dragon’s Blood Resin Incense

Cinnamon (Belial Magic, attack, force, fire, cleansing)
Clove (lust, Confusion, Benefit)
Dragon’s Breath (protection)
Dragon’s Blood (protection, force, spirituality)
Cinnamon Clove (desire, lust, manifestation)
Aloe Vera (soothing, spirituality)
Sunflower (happiness, pleasure)
Amber (focus, manifestation, attraction, trust)
Frankincense (spirituality, meditation, knowledge)
Musk (desire, lust, aphrodisiac)
Orange (clarity, knowing)
Juniper (force, protection)

Oils for Satanic Ritual
Night Queen Flower

Jasmine (Lilith Magic, Love, attraction, distracting enemies)
Night Queen (romance, secrets, persuasion)
Forbidden Apple (desire, manifestation, discord)
Aphrodesia (attraction, unity, lust)
Rose (beauty, spirituality, truth, heartbreak)
Violet (temptation)
Myrrh (stability, focus, cleansing, renewing)
Kush (lust, sweetness, desire)
Honey (sweetening, increase, gain)
Cupid (love spells, attraction, harmony)

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