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Venus Satanas
Venus Satanas

This is Spiritual Satanism today, a sacred path that allows you to have free will and to follow your own desires. Spiritual Satanism takes its inspiration from the legends of Satanism and applies it to life in a spiritual and practical way, without the bonds that religious Satanism offers. By contrast, spiritual Satanism is more than just philosophy to follow or symbolism to admire because it reaches out into our spiritual side which is a part of us that we as spiritual Satanists choose not to ignore.

This website is a place to learn about spiritual Satanism, the occult arts, and magic. My name is Venus Satanas and I have been involved with the occult and Satanism since 1992. I created this website in 2004 to help others on their journey in the Left Hand Path. To cover additional topics, I created a Satanic YouTube channel, Venus Satanas Videos in 2007 covering additional topics on Satanism and magic.

It is my hope that you will find this site to be informative and useful in your personal journey in Satanism. My Essays page contains articles on Demons and Demonology, where you can learn about their origins and methods of working with them in a productive way. And of course, my pages on Satanism can help you to discover the history of Satanism, and how you can become a Satanist, and how to do Satanic rituals. You can also visit my Interviews page to read and hear some of the recent interviews that I have done with others in Satanism and the occult throughout the years.


About Satanism

Read about Satanism's origin and history, in theory and practice. Whether you have been a Satanist for years or you are just starting, there is something for everyone.


If my website has helped you in your Satanic journey please take a moment to donate whatever amount you wish. Donations are used for the maintenance of this site. Your donation is sent through PayPal. In addition your purchase through Left Hand Path Books also helps to fund this site. Thank you!

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