What better way to represent your love for Satan and Satanism than to have a black candle as an altar piece! This simple ritual charges your altar candle with Satanic energies. An altar candle is a centerpiece, and it represents the magician’s will. Your altar candle can be used anytime you want to perform a ritual or use magic.

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to get a black candle. Black candles are not hard to find nowadays, but one thing to remember about them: make sure it is a solid black candle. There are some manufacturers who only dip their candles in an outer coating of black, this is not sufficient.

The best phase of the moon to charge your candle is during a full moon, where the power and energy of the Lunar current will be at its best, in order to help to transform your black Candle into a magical tool. For more knowledge on how to work with moon magic, visit my essay: The Power of Moon Magic in Satanic Witchcraft

If you desire, place your black candle in the moonlight for a few minutes while you visualize it absorbing the energies of the moon. Or, alternatively, before you begin, meditate with your Candle for a few minutes. Realize that your Candle symbolizes the power and will of the Magician. This will charge your ritual candle. It only needs to be done once, there is no need to re-charge it every time you use it.

Ritual Charging

Do this ritual before you light your candle for the first time. Invoke Infernal energies from all four corners of the earth, by calling the four directions and the elements, with their corresponding demonic association:

Hold your Candle up to the South and Proclaim: Satan! Charge this Candle for my Ritual Altar. Empower it with the Element of Earth and the Force of Will!

Hold your Candle up to the East and Proclaim: Lucifer! Charge this Candle for my Ritual Altar. Empower it with the Element of Air and the Force of Wisdom!

Hold your Candle up to the North and Proclaim: Belial! Charge this Candle for my Ritual Altar. Empower it with the Element of Fire, and the Force of Desire!

Hold your Candle up to the West and Proclaim: Lilith! Charge this Candle for my Ritual Altar. Empower it with the Element of Water, and the Force of Creation!

Hold the candle close to you and repeat: As it Was, Is, and Forever Shall Be, In Satan’s Name, So It Is Done!

Where to Find Black Candles:

Where can you find a black candle? I have my hand made Baphomet Candles for sale, at the Dark Moon Merchant shop! It is made of solid black palm wax, and is decorative but still can be used for rituals. It is the perfect size for an altar centerpiece, standing at 9 inches tall, and 3 inches wide – and your candle includes a stand and an invocation card. You can also shop my collection of black and red tealights and other assorted candles for magic and Witchcraft at Dark Moon Merchant


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