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Satanic Rituals and ceremonies allow us to connect with something greater than ourselves. Rituals allow us to feel like we are part of something that other people have also experienced. When you are proficient in using the rituals of others, and they bring you good results, take some time to personalize your own rituals for a more rewarding experience.

There are reasons why you may want to create your own rituals for Satanic spirituality or worship. Maybe that ritual that you found online or in that book just doesn’t include the things that you want. Maybe, because it was written by someone else, it just doesn’t have the same feeling it would have as if you had created it yourself. You want something custom, but where to begin?

Types of Satanic Ritual

It’s helpful to understand what Satanic Ritual is for. There are two types of Satanic Ritual that you will find to be useful. There are ceremonies, which are usually reserved for special occasions, like Satanic pact making, and specific holiday celebrations. The other type is a ritual, a more personal expression, which can be used for worship or connecting with the spirit of Satan.

The Three Main Elements of Satanic Ritual:

Satanic Rituals follow a certain kind of formula. The three main elements are purpose, symbolism and structure. The purpose of the ritual will determine the kind of symbolism that is employed, and by knowing both of these things they can be combined into a useful structure. For example, a basic ritual of worship or spirituality (purpose) that is focused on Satan (symbolism) will be easy to (structure) now that you have your focus.

You will find that most rituals and ceremonies have three main ingredients: the opening, the offering or act, and then a closing. The opening is the part where you declare your purpose of the ritual. So if you are seeking to commune with Satan through prayer or worship, your opening will be a calling of Satan and the forces associated with it. Moving from there, the offering or act will be a focus on your desires to commune with Satan through an offering or praise or worship. From there, the last part, the closing will bring an ending to your ritual.

Satanic rituals are so much more than just repeating words. There is care and preparation that comes with creating rituals, so the process of creating them expands beyond just having the words to say. There are tools that should be symbolic to what you want to create with your ritual, and once again, the purpose of the ritual will dictate what those tools should be.  Time should be spent beforehand in seeking knowledge on what you want to create so that you can gain the best possible outcome.


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