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The Satanism FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Satanism

Satanism Essays PageSpiritual Satanist Sitemap

Why Do People Become Satanists? A Few Thoughts From A Satanist

What is Spiritual Satanism?

What is Spirituality? Satanic Spirituality?

Is Satanism a Religion or Philosophy? Find Out

Is Theistic and Spiritual Satanism Just Reverse Christianity?

Are All Satanists Atheist?

Independent Satanism

What is the Left Hand Path? The Great Divide of Occultism

The Force of Satan

How To Become a Satanist

My Advice on Leaving Christianity

Making A Pact with Satan

Creating Your Own Satanic Rituals

Satanic Prayers for Devotion

The Origin of the Baphomet, or Why Goats Are Satanic

The Satanic Panic – Exploring the False Accusations of a Moral Panic

Diabolatry, Diabolism, Devil Worship Among Satanists

Cults and Cult Leaders – the Dangerous Appeal of Cults

The Al-Jilwah for Satanists

Satanic Holidays

Hedonism from a Satanist’s Perspective

Sacrifice in Satanism

Your Satanic Ritual Space – How to Make and Keep an Altar

Ritual for Charging Your Satanic Altar Space



Satanic Witchcraft Essays

LaVey’s Satanic Witch – The Role of Feminism in LaVeyan Satanism

Satan as the Spirit of Wild Nature

The Art of Witchcraft

Magic Does Not Work By Belief Alone

Satanic Witchcraft and the Threefold Effect of Magic

Black Magic, White Magic – What is the Difference?

The Effect of Color in Magic

The Power of Moon Magic in Satanic Witchcraft

Astrological Houses of the Moon in Satanic Witchcraft

Ritual Charging for your Black Candle

Incense for Ritual

Baphomet Oil Recipe – For Satanic Meditation And Ritual

Red Satyr Oil Recipe – An oil you can mix for Lust Spells

The Rite of Mars

Should Satanists Use Banishing Rituals?

Satanic Spell Targeting – The Use of Blood Magic



Demonology Essays Page

Satanic Demonology

Using an Ouija Board to Summon?

The Guardian Demon

Ahriman The Persian Devil

Apollyon, the Greek Destroyer

Prometheus, the Bringer of Satanic Enlightenment

The Adversarial Prototype : Ha-Satan

Iblis and the Djinn

Shub-Niggurath, Goat of a Thousand Young

Song of the Furies



Venus Satanas Social Profiles

Who is Venus Satanas? Author, Artist and Witch

A Thank You Letter To My Fans And Friends

Contact Venus Satanas

Satanity Chatroom

Satanic Reading List

Venus Satanas Videos

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Pope Lucifer Of The Early Christian Church

The Demonic Bible

My Testimony – Written by Qnuan

For Satan (Who Is Satan)– Written by Qnuan


Left Hand Path Books Blog

Spiritual Satanist Blog


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