This is a recipe that I created back in 2010, a formula for Baphomet Oil

Baphomet Oil Recipe

Baphomet Oil Recipe

Baphomet Oil
The Baphomet is a symbolic creature that represents the essence of Satanic Spirituality. It is a half goat-androgynous figure that has been illustrated in many occult manuals as an image of Satan. The Baphomet is a deity to some who worship her for what she represents. I have come to recognize the Baphomet as a spiritual, magical image that illustrates the balance between nature, humans, animals, magic, religion, and spirituality.

Baphomet Oil is a spiritual oil that creates a calm, focused environment. Use this oil to self-anoint or for magic work, or in an oil burner during meditation. It has an association with all four elements so it is a balanced fragrance that stimulates the mind and the spirit. The intent of this oil is to create balance, to dissolve past association, and to bring about manifestation, so it is a good overall mixture to use in meditation.

Baphomet Oil is a balanced scent with earthy undertones. It has a base of patchouli that captures the essence of the earth element, and to this is added the vibrant qualities of lavender, the spiritual scent of amber, and the dark and feminine scent of Jasmine. It is a herbal and fragrant scent. The patchouli is an earthly scent that is grounding, the lavender is calming and focusing, the amber is uplifting and spiritual and the jasmine, a lunar element, blends well with all of these scents. All of these aromas are intended to bring balance and focus.

Unlike some spiritual scents, this formula is not too overpowering that it is distracting, it is subtle enough that it will aid you in concentration and it will be uplifting as well. Because it combines all of the elements in a harmonious way it is excellent for balancing. You can add all of these qualities to your spell work to help you to obtain what you desire.

Baphomet Oil Recipe:

This oil should be made on a Saturday for its association with Saturn, at the moment between dusk and night. Start with a base of vitamin e oil, perhaps ½ an ounce if you want some to store for later. Add to this 4 drops of patchouli, 3 drops of Lavender, 2 drops of Amber and 1 drop of Jasmine. Store this in an airtight jar if necessary or use it immediately in spell work.

While you mix these oils it is appropriate to think of the qualities of Baphomet. While you do this, your oil will be charged and ready to use. If you use this to anoint candles for spells, it would be best to use a black candle for its association with Saturn.

Here is an invocation you can use to consecrate your oil. Hold your oil bottle or container with the Baphomet oil in your hand and say this verse:

Baphomet Oil Consecration:

I call upon Baphomet!
Father of Wisdom,
Mother of Truth and Lie,
Bringer of Day and Night!
Gather and dissolve your Silent wisdom among us!
As we look inside we will know,
As within so Without,
As above, So below!
© 2010 – Venus Satanas

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