Red Satyr Oil

A recipe for a magic oil blend ~ Red Satyr Oil is useful for lust spells and magic to attract a lover.

This is an oil recipe that I first created in 2010. It has since been shared numerous times on the internet, among witches who like to make their own oil blends. The original recipe requires ingredients that are either too hard to obtain or no longer exist, so here we have a modern day equivalent to re-creating this oil that is meant for finding a lover. This oil works great for lust spells!

The Satyr was the Greek and Romans as a half goat, half man (sometimes woman) creature known for it’s erotic and playful nature. This mythical creature was known for its powers of seduction and attraction. The original was created by Aleister Crowley, when he combined civet musk, and ambergris to create a very animal scent that he called “Ruthvah“, The perfume of Immortality”, after the arabic ‘ru hiyat’ meaning ‘the spirit of life’ .

Red Satyr OilThis Red Satyr Oil works as a great aphrodisiac for men. Use this oil sparingly on the self and in ritual candle burning. Because of its Mars/Mercury association, it will attract a lover, whether male or female, so in spell work with this oil, be specific about what results that you want to obtain. The intent of this satanic magical oil is to bring or attract a (passionate) lover to you.

Red Satyr Oil is a bold herbal scent with an undertone of cinnamon. To this is added the sweet aroma of vanilla. The cinnamon is the fire of passion, a natural aphrodisiac related to the Roman god Mars and masculinity, combined with Vanilla, related to Mercury, as a soothing and stimulating aroma to enable smooth communication, and Lavender, related to Mercury, as the herbal, earthy scent that endears trust and comfort. All of these things are used as a focus to increase attraction, receptivity and interest.

This mixture is not too flowery or sweet, it is balanced and subtle while bringing out the ‘fiery’ quality of cinnamon. It is empowering without being too strong. You can add all of these qualities to your spell work to help you to obtain what you desire.

This oil should be made on a Tuesday for its association with Mars. Begin with a base of vitamin e oil, perhaps 1/2 an ounce if you want some to store for later, and add to this 4 drops of Vanilla, 3 drops of cinnamon, and 2 drops of Lavender. This recipe uses no animal musk but you are free to add that to the mix if you like working with animal scents. Store this in an airtight jar if necessary or use it immediately in spell work.

While you mix these oils it is appropriate to think of your target, and to think of your intent. As you do this while you create your oil, your oil will be empowered with your magic. No need to charge it afterward or consecrate it. To use it on candles, anoint the candle while you focus on your intent; a red candle works best for its fiery Mars association.

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