Why Do People Become Satanists?

Satanism is an enigma. For outsiders, Satanism seems dark and evil. But most Satanists don’t see it that way. So, why do people become Satanists?

A Few Thoughts From A Satanist

Satanism is an enigma. For outsiders, Satanism seems dark and evil. But most Satanists don’t see it that way. So, why do people become Satanists? Is it simply from curiosity or are they seeking something more?

People become Satanists for many reasons. So the reasons why people choose Satanism can vary depending on who you ask. Generally, people come to Satanism because they are seeking something meaningful for their lives, and they find it through Satanism.

Perhaps their former religion isn’t providing to them the things they need spiritually. Perhaps they want to explore other options before deciding. But, for many Satanists you will find that when they discovered Satanism they felt ‘at home’. They feel as if Satanism was made for them.

Not all Satanists are former Christians, but many are. the largest portion of Satanists are former Catholics.1 Many ex-Christians feel that Christianity is restricting, and doesn’t allow for personal self-exploration. Satanism may provide an outlet for them. I cover some of these ideas on my essay: On Leaving Christianity

But, not all Satanists are former Christians, some were formerly Pagans or Wiccan. They discovered something in Satanism that they just couldn’t reach in their former path. Maybe it’s because Satanism affords them the freedom that they want without the restrictive dogma that Pagan and Wiccan religions often provide. And, like Christianity, the dark side of magic and spirituality was forbidden, but not so with Satanism.

Other Satanists may decide to become a Satanist simply for the sake of rebellion. Or they heard that with Satanism you can become rich and powerful. Sadly, most discover in time that the stories and tales about Satanism made by people outside of Satanism just aren’t true. So, Satanism provides a certain allure to a certain segment of society, but it’s not made for everyone.

Some Possible Reasons Why People Become Satanists:

      • They are Seeking the Unknown:
        There is an attraction to the unknown and forbidden and with Satanism exploration of these themes are encouraged. Satanism allows you to discover your shadow self, the inner you that is often hidden by years of Christian teachings that want you to deny your own inner spirit. Satanism provides a kind of freedom that can’t be found with other spiritual paths.


      • They are Seeking to Experience Spirituality on Their Own Terms:
        You can come to Satanism on your own terms. Satanism provides a way for you to self initiate and create your Satanism the way that feels best to you. There are very few, if any, spiritual paths that allow you to make your own way. This kind of freedom is self empowering, which brings me to my next point:


      • They are Seeking Power:
        Many teachings in Satanism speak to us of self empowerment. This empowerment comes from understanding the self and human nature. Feeling that Satan represents the natural world, and the human best, Satanism teaches us things about ourselves that we can only discover by searching in the dark. Satanism provides to us a different way of seeing life and a different way of living.This way allows us as Satanists to feel more at ease with the self and more confident in life in general. Satanism also promotes the search of knowledge, unlike other religions where knowledge and question asking is equal to disobedience.


      • They are Non Conformists:
        Satanism attracts those who are non conformists by nature, those who seek to be different than others. Perhaps they are part of an alternative scene. They may be anti-establishment or want to step outside the status quo. Satanism allows you to be different and to live life in your own way.


      • Or, Because They Want to Belong:
        People become Satanists because they want to be a part of something greater than themselves. As a social movement, Satanism is always evolving. It’s nice to find a place where you belong and feel at home with others who have similar feelings and beliefs. While Satanism doesn’t have a community, generally, there are plenty of places online where Satanists can speak among themselves.

    No matter why people become Satanists, Satanism feels right to those that seek it. You will find that Satanists generally feel comfortable with Satanism, and it is something they can relate to on a personal level. While Satanism isn’t for everyone, for those that it is meant for, its the path that they chose to embrace.

    If you are considering Satanism, the Satanism FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Satanism is a great place to start. Also, take a moment to read What is Spiritual Satanism? The Spiritual Satanist’s Relationship to Satan



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    Satanism Today (amazon) A survey of Satanists showed that most Satanists come from a Christian and Catholic background.


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