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Spiritual SatanismThis is Spiritual Satanism!

Spiritual Satanism embraces the philosophy of Satanism in a spiritual framework. With Spiritual Satanism, you can develop your own personal, spiritual relationship with Satan.

Are you ready to learn about Spiritual Satanism? Satanism, by definition, is the practice of worship, admiration and adoration of the figure of Satan through spiritual experience and philosophical understanding.

Spiritual Satanists recognize Satan as a god. It is more than just symbolic. For us, Spiritual Satanism is a way of life.



Spiritual Satanism Essays

Satanic FAQ Page

So you want to become a Satanist? You want to make a deal with the devil? You want to work with magic and summon demons? I bring my experience in the occult for you to learn from here at my website. Explore Spiritual Satanism through my essays.

Learn how to become a Satanist, how to make a pact with Satan; Learn about the Left Hand Path. Learn about the history of Satanism both past and present. If you are curious about Satanism this is the place to start: Satanism Essays


Learn about Satanic Witchcraft:

Curious about magic and witchcraft? Want to learn how to cast Satanic spells? Read my beginner and intermediary courses for Satanic Witchcraft. Satanic Witchcraft and magic is an eclectic practice for the solitary witch and magician. Follow along with me in this series on Satanic magic and Witchcraft.


A Course on Satanic Demonology:

Want to learn about how to summon a demon? Satanic demonology approaches summoning and working with demons from a Satanic perspective. You must prepare first. Read about the history of demons and dark gods. Take some time to learn about Satanic magic before you attempt demon summoning.


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It is my hope that you will find this site to be informative and useful in your personal journey in Satanism. Take a moment to read my About Me page to learn about my own journey in Satanism. Also, visit my Interviews page. You can also visit the Videos page to see recent videos. Also, visit the Chatroom to speak with me (Venus Satanas) and other Satanists.