Rite of Mars

The invocation of planetary energies can bring you benefits if they are used wisely. A planetary energy is a consciousness, a force that originates from each of the seven planets

The Rite of Mars – Venus Satanas

Rite of Mars
Temple of Mars Ultor

The invocation of planetary energies can bring you benefits if they are used wisely. A planetary energy is a consciousness, a force that originates from each of the seven planets. Mars, the Roman deity was known as the father of Rome, and also as a virile warrior and god that represents the positive polarity of the masculine aspect. The Rite of Mars captures this invocation with force.

The energy of Mars, when used as a cosmic planetary energy can offer the magician the opportunity to connect with the energies of war, sexual desire, and added potency. Mars, as the god of war is a fiery god, his element being fire and the metal of Mars being Iron. Mars is also represented by the diamond, the hardest of the natural gemstones.

In the legends of Mars it is told that even the Roman gods themselves spoke against Mars, and disliked his aggressive nature. In some legends, Mars is also known as the Father of Man1 Mars was also known as Ares to the Greeks, as a god of war, and Mars has been compared to Nimrod, and his duty was to dispel fear into his enemies.

Mars is known as the planet of the first sign of the zodiac, Aries [Ares,in Greece] and the planetary energies of Mars are known as being related to action and desire. The symbol of Mars is phallic and it represents the sexual nature of man. The ritual of Mars is an invocation of these planetary energies, either as a means to affect the subconscious or as a method of causing change.

The ancient association for Scorpio, and the planet Pluto was Mars, a volatile force that was known to be at its most unstable in the house of the scorpion, ill dignified as compared to the Aries house where Mars was a new and creative force, not a destructive force. Satan is often seen as a destructive force as well, and these energies can easily manifest through the planetary associations of Mars. The position of Mars in the natal chart indicate the Ego and male aspect of the self as compared to the Venus aspect of the natal chart which is the feminine, and the Subconscious.

About the Rite of Mars

The rite of Mars was written for the purpose of these [often] violent energies. It invokes Mars as a god of war, in a destructive way. It would be a good addition to a curse working or to gain protection in time of need, as Mars, is also known as the protector of the righteous. The ritual begins with a direct call to Mars, and the calling of Nike [goddess of victory] and a call to the assembly of the armies of Mars.

The chant of Mars that is within the ritual is a mantra to the invocation of the God of War. This was created from the names that the Romans gave to Mars as a god of war. There is every attempt to put Mars within his natural roman context by invoking Bellona, Vacuna, and even Discordia, who were known to be the gods that worked along with Mars.2 At the end of the invocation is the call to victory and the assemblage of the Armies of Mars, which is the spiritual and planetary energies contained within this consciousness.

The mantra that is written in Latin, found between the verses is a call for the awakening of Mars, and it is also a call to action for the God of War. IT names Mars by three important titles that the Romans uses to distinguish the different aspects of this god. The first is ‘MARS VIGILLA’ which means Mars, awaken ‘MARS ULTOR’ is Mars, The Avenger, and ‘MARS GRADIVUS’ is Mars, The God of War. While I was not able to find any ancient rituals for Mars,[please let me know if you find some, write me Here] this ritual was composed from my studies of this god from as many sources as I could gather.

How to Use the Rite of Mars

Some suggestions for the use of this ritual are for influencing and conquering, not only in situations, but also for conquering or overcoming or path working with the nature of the self. Mars is a direct and energetic force and caution is advised for those who would use this energy without carefully considering the results.

Rite of MarsSince Mars is focused on action it could cause one to act without thinking, or worse, meet with an accident. These are the common associations with this planet from a modern astrological point of view. Mars is the planet of the ego, and of sexual desire. Instead of letting the energies imbalance you, try to let this planetary energy work in your favor instead. Some of the negative aspects are recklessness, insanity, and danger. Such are the downfalls of energy workings without regard to the responsibility of the self.

The energy of Mars is fiery, direct, and destructive by nature. Just as Satan is known as the ‘opposer’ and accuser, the energies of Mars as a god of war represent this oppositional force. Mars opposes his enemies vehemently and leaves the battlefield in a river of the blood of the enemy. The conquering glory of might-makes-right and the destructive way of nature is represented by these energies of Mars. These elements of fear, terror, destruction and power are found within the planetary energies of Mars.

The color of Mars is red, his day is Tuesday, which in Latin is known as Martis [Mars day]. Mars traditional number is 5. The element of Mars is fire, the metal is iron. The precious stones of mars are the diamond for its hardness, and ruby and garnet to represent the blood, the life-force of man. The bodily association for Mars is the head[ego], and the whole body itself [Mars god of Man] and the blood.

Mars is also represented by the horse and also by the wolf [Romulus and Remus]. The Hebrew letter association for Mars is He [5], the Sephira is Gevurah, known as the Pillar of Severity, The qabbalistic numerical value of Gevurah is 216, [6x6x6=216] and the [Judaic] demon of the qlippoth of Mars is known as Golochab [the burners].

[Some suggestions for pre-ritual: find appropriate music and colors, light your candles, evoke the proper frame of mind for focus and concentration, and say your invocation with the desire and will of the Magus. These words act as a catalyst towards your desire to be united with the energies of Mars. Each verse is an invocation]

The Rite of Mars, INVOCATION

Rite of Mars
Nike – Goddess of Victory

Hail MARS, Son of JUNO, God of the War
The ancient armies of Rome adore you
Onward To battle – mine enemies to their knees
Mars of Iron, in your wake they will bleed
Mars, who wield the Sword of Man – Come Forth!

VENUS departs and cries with fright
She becomes BELLONA, her vengeance is bright
She Brings the torch of fire that incites rage and panic
VACUNA arrives with her spear and her sword!
BELLONA entices her lover into the rage of war!
Come PAVOR and PALLOR on the wings of Terror
Fear moves through the ranks of the weak
Come FUGA and TIMOR with flight and with fear
Scatter the enemy in the wake of your doom!
Come DISCORDIA to confound the enemy
Create strife and chaos from within!
Fly to me, HONUS and VITRUS with honorable means
Bestow the righteous with your vitality and honor!
Come NIKE and VICTORIA on bright golden wings
For victory is in the hearts of the armies of MARS


Si vis pacem, para bellum


1. [Mars Paeter] Father of Rome, the aspect of Mars as a father god, not as a god of war.
2. There are a total of fourteen gods which are used in this invocation, which numerically adds up to the number of Mars. 5 [14 -1+4=5]

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