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Astrological Houses of the Moon

For an even more specific or precise timing with magic, you can also plan to cast your spell according to the astrological houses ofAstrological Houses the moon. The moon travels through each astrological house during the course of its 28 day cycle, so it cycles through each sign twelve times in the course of a year.

Through the use of an ephemeris you can see where the moon’s position is each day of the month. You can use the chart at PlanetWatcher to easily see where the moon’s position currently resides, wherever you are located in the world. The symbol for the moon is A current astrological ephemeris, a table that shows the current position of the planets, sun and moon will show you what house and influence is upon the moon each day.

Planning a spell under the influence of the moon’s sign can add extra meaning and symbolism to your magic. You could also use a table of planetary hours to plan for spell work, this is a guide that shows the planet or influence for each hour of the day and night.

Below is a brief guide to the planetary influences of the moon during the 28 day phase of the month. Each sign has specific qualities and attributes that you can use in your magic as a guide for timing and focus. It is derived from my observations on the energies of the moon through these signs as a guide to the aspects of each moon phase.

These are only suggestions, a guide to the different influences of the moon during the month that can help you to focus your magic in a specific way.

A Guide to the Astrological Houses of the Moon:

First house, Moon in Aries – Fire, action, will, desire, passion, lust

Second house, Moon in Taurus – Earth, wealth, increase, accumulation, security

Third house, Moon in Gemini – Air, communication, transportation, transmutation, adjustment

Fourth house, Moon in Cancer- Water, the home, children, emotions, dreams and visions, lunar influence

Fifth house, Moon in Leo -Fire, creation, leadership or influence, love and commitment

Sixth house, Moon in Virgo – Earth, health, order and focus, discipline or reinforcement, healing

Seventh house, Moon in Libra- Air, partnership, lovers, balance, harmony

Eighth house, Moon in Scorpio – Water, sexuality, inheritance, investments, endings and finality, destruction

Ninth house, Moon in Sagittarius – Fire, learning, spirituality, communication, idealism

Tenth house, Moon in Capricorn – Earth, ambitions, aspiration, endings and beginnings, status and responsibility

Eleventh house, Moon in Aquarius – Air, organization, motivations

Twelfth house, Moon in Pisces – Water, dream work, the unconscious, sacrifices, reflection

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