How to use Oils for Magic and Ritual

The Role of Essential Oils for Magic and Ritual

Using essential oils for magic and ritual can be a useful part of your magic or ritual experience. But, how are essential oils made? And what makes them a special part of magic or ritual?

Essential oils are extracted from natural substances like herbs and are distilled or expressed into an essential oil, or they may be extracted with a solvent. Distillation is the process used most often to extract essential oils. Since ancient times, as far back as 5,000 years ago, people have distilled oils to use for medicines and perfumes. Expression is also a common method for extracting oils, where the leaves or plant is crushed and pressed releasing the oils.1

The benefits of using essential oils therapeutically are well known. Essential oils are useful for healing health ailments and they also serve an important psychological need through aromatherapy. Essential oils used for magic and ritual serve an important need as well.

Using Essential Oils For Magic and Ritual Unleashes Their Essence

Oils can be used in rituals in several different ways.  Oil represents the spirit or essence of a specific energy. Using the oil in a ritual adds a certain effect to your magical working. Choose your oil according to the qualities that you want to represent. Your oil is part of your overall recipe. These are the parts of your spell that help it all to work.

Like attracts like in the practice of magic. For every representation you make in the physical, it is reflected in the spiritual. For instance, if you are doing a money spell, use a green candle and some patchouli or mint oil along with your spell to draw money.

A Cautionary Note about Oils for Magic:


Use Oils for Anointing a Candle

Oils can be used for magic by anointing a candle before a spell is cast. Anointing a candle is easy – simply hold your candle and rub the oil onto it while you focus on the effect that you want to create. Let your candle sit for a few moments before you light it. Oil is flammable so be careful when working around heat and flame. In this way you are charging your candle with the essence of the energies that you want to invoke.


Dilute your oil with a carrier oil, such as a mixture of olive oil or almond oil, and add a pinch of your favorite herb. While you do your ritual focus on the energies of the oil and anoint yourself on your forehead (3rd eye), and upon your heart. This is symbolic of being anointed with the energies of the oil in your heart and in your spirit. Carefully use your oil to anoint magical objects and sacred spaces. Some oils are intense and should not be used on the skin unless they are diluted in a carrier oil in a great amount.

Oil Diffuser or Burner

Place a few drops of oil in a burner or diffuser and enjoy the scent of your oil as it surrounds you during your ritual. Fill your diffuser with water and place 3-4 drops of your favorite oil into the water, light a tea light candle and place it below in the burner. As your oil warms it will move the scent through the air as you do your ritual or perform your magic.

For more insightful information on the process of extracting essential oils visit: How Are Essential Oils Extracted?

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