A Satanic Banishing Ritual?

Satanists have asked the question, is it useful to do a Satanic Banishing Ritual? The simple answer to this should be: No. A banishing ritual is typically something that is done during a Wiccan or other Neopagan ritual. Its intent is to rid the area of any spirits or influences that are surrounding the sacred space so that a magic circle may be cast or that a summoning can begin.

Satanic Banishing

Ceremonial Magic Banishing

From my experience this is done to appease the deities and to also ensure that the area is empty and sacred for magic or ritual. From this view, the witch or priestess is combating negative energies through a banishing ritual. A banishing is also used for ritual magic or summoning and is often referred to as ‘a license to depart’- in some occult uses. The goal is to banish the spirit or deity that was summoned or used in magic practices.

The religious use banishing rituals as well. For Christians, it is known as exorcism and also blessing. They have their ritual as well using holy water, crosses, prayer, intimidation, and expelling demons. All are intended to remove an evil influence. This is their method and it is what works for them according to their knowledge and understanding.

What all of these rituals have in common is that the person performing them assumes that there is a negative or evil influence that must be removed, banished or destroyed before their god can be present, or before their magic can be cast.

Why should Satanic magicians assume that they too have to banish what is around them in order to cast spells or to perform ritual? Are they also like the Wiccans and the Christians, and other peoples of the right hand paths of paganism, religion and magic, who fear the forces around them so they must be controlled or destroyed?

For example, in the religion of Demonolatory, summoning, worship and offerings are given to specific demons. They do not use a ‘license to depart’ at the end of ritual; in fact, they use a formula of elemental invocation that creates an inner balance. From this, they invoke the demon that they are working with. This invocation of the elements, based on principles of hermetic magic is a great formula for invoking a balancing energy within.

I use their method as an example because they illustrate a necessary point about magic and ritual of the Left Hand Path. A method of creating balance, grounding, or focusing within is better because it creates an inner focus. This inner focus is what is necessary if you want to cast magic, or perform a ritual. Essentially you are Satanic magician who is able to balance forces within.

An Idea about Satanic Banishing

Here is an idea about Satanic Banishing that you may be able to incorporate into your practices. The image of Satanism, the pentagram, shows this idea in action in a symbolic way – the downward pointing pentagram illustrates the idea of drawing energy, strength, or spirituality from within, or from below. The opposite image, the (Wiccan) pentagram that points upward, symbolizes the idea of a divine spirituality from above [celestial]. These are more than just concepts about these images; it is a formula of understanding.