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Come learn about how to use magic and witchcraft in your Satanic practices. Witchcraft is the art of using natural objects and items to create magic.


Come learn about how to use magic and witchcraft in your Satanic practices. Witchcraft is the art of using natural objects and items to create magic. Increase your knowledge and understanding of Satanic Witchcraft with these essays that detail tips and techniques you can incorporate into your own practice.


I have worked with Satanic Magic and Satanic Witchcraft since 1992. These essays are a collection of my knowledge and advice for Satanists looking to use Satanic Witchcraft to their benefit. With experience and time, your understanding of Satanic Witchcraft will become a personal journey, aiding you in your spirituality. It will also benefit you should you decide to work with demons and summoning.


LaVey’s Satanic Witch – The Role of Feminism in LaVeyan Satanism
LaVey’s Satanic Witch is a guide to enchantment by using the appearance and personality in such a way that men will fall prey to the witch.

Satan as the Spirit of Wild Nature
Why Satan is personified as the spirit of wild nature, letting us understand our place in the world.

The Art of Witchcraft
Learn about the origins of Witchcraft and how it can be used in Satanism

Magic Does Not Work By Belief Alone
The biggest misconception about magic is that magic works by the principle of belief. All you have to do is believe in a spell for it to work.

Satanic Witchcraft and the Threefold Effect of Magic
A discussion on Satanic Magic and the Threefold Effect of magic. Does the Law of Return affect Satanic Witches who use black magic?

Black Magic, White Magic – What is the Difference?
Understand the difference between Black Magic and White Magic and how you can ditch the stereotype and use them both to your advantage in Satanic Witchcraft.

The Effect of Color in Magic
Color representation in Satanic Witchcraft uses symbolic color to create a magical effect. Color is used during ritual and spell work to direct intent.

The Power of Moon Magic in Satanic Witchcraft
Satanic Witchcraft is motivated by the power of will, manifesting through association. The moon is a guiding light and source of power for a Satanic Witch.

Astrological Houses of the Moon in Satanic Witchcraft
Planning a spell under the influence of the moon’s astrological houses can add extra meaning and symbolism to your magic and Satanic Witchcraft.

Ritual Charging for your Black Candle
Having a black candle as a centerpiece for your altar is something you may consider. This simple ritual charges your altar candle with Satanic energies.

Incense for Ritual
Incense suggestions for ritual and magic use, based on elemental and planetary influences.

Baphomet Oil Recipe – For Satanic Meditation And Ritual
Baphomet Oil is a spiritual oil that creates a calm, focused environment. Use this oil to self-anoint or for magic work, or in an oil burner during meditation.

Red Satyr Oil Recipe – For Finding a Lover!
Red Satyr Oil is a special blend of oils that is useful for love and lust spells. This is an old recipe of mine that has been shared on the internet since 2010!

The Rite of Mars
Ritual Invocation for Mars, the God of War and his armies!

Blood Magic – Satanic Spell Targeting
What is Blood Magic? Blood is the essence of life, the essential component of our being. Find out how to use Blood Magic for Satanism and Satanic Spell work

Should Satanists Use Banishing Rituals?
Explore why using a Satanic Banishing ritual may not be necessary for Satanists. Inner focus is a better method than simply doing a Satanic Banishing ritual


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