On Making a Pact with Satan

A pact is an arranged agreement which is used either as a bargain or to insure that terms are agreed upon. In Satanism, creating a pact with Satan can be a form of self-initiation into the path of Satanism.

A Pact with Satan

Pact With Satan
Urban Grandier’s Pact with Satan

Before you consider making a pact with Satan, you should first read my article, “How to Become a Satanist“. This article explains the steps necessary for leading up to this final step – making a pact.

A pact is an arranged agreement which is used either as a bargain or to insure that terms are agreed upon. In Satanism, creating a pact with Satan can be a form of self-initiation into the path of Satanism. It is not necessary to create a pact, but for those that have an interest in allying with Satan, it could be very beneficial by ensuring that you are dedicated to your chosen path.

Pacting [creating a pact] with Satan is not the same as the belief in selling one’s soul to the devil. You can find this myth of soul-selling or trading, most often in Christian teachings about Satan.

As a Satanist, it should be known that the methods and descriptions of Christian pacts with the devil serve little purpose to those who follow or adhere to Satanic philosophy or spirituality. This is of course, unless you are an orthodox or traditional style Satanist that accepts a Christian definition of Satan. So disposing of some of these hindering beliefs before entering into a pact can be helpful.

Some Satanists, including myself, do not believe that there is an afterlife, so the idea of selling or offering one’s ‘eternal’ soul in trade does not make sense, nor would it be useful in Satanism. This is because beliefs of an eternal soul or an afterlife where the soul is destined for heaven or hell, is generally a Christian concept, not a Satanic one. For more information on this, and a history of the pact-making process, see my post at the Spiritual Satanist Blog: Satan make me Rich (Or Popular, or..)

For Satanists, a pact can be a method of creating a bond or union with Satan or a chosen demon. Some Satanists choose to offer a pact to Satan as a method of creating a working relationship that can aid the Satanist in their endeavors. Others make a pact to show their allegiance or to seek reinforcement from Satan. The pact can be a form of devotion, or a request for patronage to a god or demon. At the very least, a pact can also be in the form of a request, in exchange for worship or servitude to Satan.

My Experience With Pacts:

As an initiation ritual, the signing of a pact can finalize the Satanist’s choice to ally with Satan. When I first pacted with Satan in 1992, it was an important event for me. I wrote the ritual and the pact for myself. I performed a ritual before signing the pact, a type of ritual that was similar to a personal Black Mass, so that I could end my associations with any former religious ties. The ritual had blasphemous undertones that lead to the climax, my pact with Satan. I wrote this pact without a guide to use.

With my pact with Satan created, and I signed it and then burned it in the flame of the candles I had been using for ritual. The purpose of my pact was to align myself with Satan, and the path of Satanism. It was a declaration of my serious intent to become a Satanist.

Years later, after being obligated to not practice Satanism during a seven year relationship with a boyfriend, I left the situation to move on to something greater. Because of these years that were lost, it was important to me to make a second pact with Satan, to re-dedicate my life to the darkness.

So, in 2004, I created another pact after I had returned to my Satanic way of life. Was the second pact necessary? Not entirely, I believe. But it allowed me to re-integrate Satanism back into my life in a dedicated and meaningful way.

Pacts of Initiation

With Independent Satanism, a Satanist is self-dedicated or self-initiated. In group satanism, a Satanist is initiated along with an allegiance or oath to the group’s ideals, teachings or leaders. Therefore, it should be said that an independent or spiritual Satanist who is dedicated is one that has offered a pact to Satan in a self-initiation ritual. Satanists have been known to argue this point, that anyone can simply call themselves a Satanist without qualifications.

Unlike other paths of occultism, or structured and organized Satanism that offer rituals for initiation, independent or spiritual Satanists often have to create their own ritual and pact in order to declare themselves, officially as a Satanist. It is not necessary but it does cement the experience for a Satanist. An act of this nature should be personal and meaningful, and because of this, the initiation does not have to be officiated by a hierarchical leadership in group Satanism.

Recommended Method of Making a Pact with Satan

So, what is required to enter into a pact with Satan? There are several things you should take into consideration, such as your environment and it’s possible limitations, and the direction of your intentions. It’s a good idea to plan ahead of time and to be prepared so that when you do the ritual you will be prescient and focused on your purpose of Pacting with Satan.

I strongly suggest that you study Satanism, practice rituals and spirituality with Satan for at least a year before you decide to make a pact. This is so that you can be sure that Satanism is the path for you. Let your pact be something you work towards. A pact is not a starting point, it is a post along the way.

Faust Pact With Satan
Faust Pact with Satan

I recommend that you plan to perform the ritual one month before a full moon, with this probationary period ending with the ritual on the night of the full moon. This ensures that you have plenty of time to consider your intentions and to plan for the ritual.

During that month you should study as much as you can about Satan, or the demon that you are pacting with, so that you are familiar with the forces you intend to align yourself with.

I suggest a month as a measure of precaution, because a pact that is made in haste is not as useful or legitimate as one that has been carefully considered and planned. What you will do is create and plan a ritual, perform this ritual and then sign your pact with Satan.

Tools and Equipment:

You will need basic tools and materials and a quiet and private place to work, so you can use the month beforehand to gather any ritual tools or items, and prepare for your ritual. This ritual is going to be an event that you only need to do once, because it is an initiatory ritual into Satanism. For more information on how to create your own rituals visit Creating your Own Satanic Rituals.

I also recommend that you take some time during that month to write a few paragraphs to yourself, by hand, to describe why you want to pact with Satan. You should write about what Satan means to you, and why you want to initiate yourself into Satanism. This will allow you to some time to carefully consider your proposition to Satan. This material can then be used for creating your ritual, as you will have already declared through your writing exercise your intent. This is important, as it will give you time to consider and formulate your words.

Part of the planning for a ritual is in obtaining the items that you can use to set the mood and create the atmosphere necessary for Pact with Satanritual. Gather up any images, drawings, music, statues or sigils that are associated with Satan. These items could be anything that you relate to on a deep level that signifies Satan, or the force of Satanic energy.

This symbolism will surround you as you create your pact and it will help you to focus on the task at hand. Through this symbolism and imagery the force of Satan will be present in your ritual. You should also gather candles and incense for your ritual. My suggestion is, of course, black candles, and incense that is symbolic of the element of earth, or Saturn [patchouli, cedar, pine, etc., as these things that are earthy by association]

Some of the old grimoires recommend sulfur or other noxious substances during the summoning of Satan, but from the perspective of the writers of these grimories, Satan is seen as an enemy to their god – and sulfur, related by association to the fire and brimstone of hell, is meant to evoke the essence of [godly] damnation.

For a Satanist, however, associating with energies of the earth and of Saturn seems to be a better method of evoking this same essence through symbolism that is less threatening and demanding, and more appropriate for Satanic interaction. Some of us as Satanists, recognize Satan as the god of this earth so it only makes sense to use things in this ritual that symbolize earthen energies.

Along with these ritual items, you also need a space to perform your rituals. It is best if you can be alone, in a place where you can isolate yourself from the surrounding world and it’s distractions. Maybe you already have a ritual space to use, or a place outdoors that is quiet where you can perform your pacting with Satan.

You also should have a paper to sign your pact with; some may choose to use parchment paper for this task. For my ritual, I used parchment paper that was animal-friendly [not made from sheepskin]. You could also use some type of magic ink like dragon’s blood ink to write your pact, and a quill pen to write the pact with. If these things are not available to you, you always have the option of using a new piece of paper and pen to write your pact. If you are interested in using blood for your pact signing instead of ink, please read my essay on Satanic Spell Targeting – the Use of Blood In magic and Ritual.

Make a Pact with Satan

Now that you have gathered your items for ritual, and you know the time and place, and your intent has already been written, you will be prepared for the Pact Ritual. On the night of the full moon, you will perform your ritual. The dress for ritual is simple black clothing, a ritual robe, or naked if you so desire.

You can then set up your ritual space, and prepare for invoking the presence of Satan. The invocation is a method of connecting with the force of Satan through internal association. This can be done through chanting, prayers or meditation. It is important to focus on your task and not to question along the way whether it is working for you or not; what matters is that you are expressing your desire to the universe, and to Satan. You must be genuine with your intent, and honest and true to your original purpose, without the limitations of distractions both internal and external, and thereby you will have results.

Pact With Satan
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You can also call to Satan through invocation, and by doing this you are calling the energy of your deity within, and to your ritual space. You should use some type of basic invocation that you can say out loud.

Below, is one that I’ve created, for an example. You should attempt to create your own personal invocation in your ritual, something that is simple and effective. I will not provide this material on my site because I feel that a pact is a personal thing that should be self-created, not something that is copied from a source. When it is done in this way it will have more meaning for you.

I call upon your name, Satan, the Lord of this Earth, the God of the Abyss! I call upon Satan to be here in this sacred space tonight with me to witness the signing of this pact!

After lighting your candles and taking a moment to surround yourself with purpose and energy through focus by invocation, it is time to write your pact. Using your previous writing exercise as your guide, write clearly and decisively what you want, how you want it, when you want it and why. You should be detailed, and be sincere with your writing.

Now, after you have written your terms, you will sign the pact. You can either sign it with your ink, or some may do, take the option of signing this pact with blood. The choice is yours, but signing the pact is what you need to make it real and true, and final. The pact is created and so it is done. You can either keep your pact in a safe place, or burn it. I had burned my pact afterward, dissolving it in fire and letting the elements consume it by returning it to the earth.

Optionally after your pact you can also recite a prayer in closing –  The Satanist’s Creed – a prayer to consecrate your relationship with Satan as a spiritual being. Let this prayer serve as a reminder of your bond with Satan.

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