What is Satanic Spirituality?

Satanic Spirituality is the development of the spiritual self through ritual, magic, the occult, religion, meditation or any other activity that allows the self to connect to spiritual experiences.

Satanic SpiritualitySatanic Spirituality is Self-Development through the Spirit

Satanic Spirituality is the development of the spiritual self through ritual, magic, the occult, religion, meditation or any other activity that allows the self to connect to spiritual experiences. The purpose of these practices is to discover meaning in one’s life from a spiritual perspective. Spirituality is often contrasted with materialism, where the only desire is to experience the physical aspects of life.

Spirituality is an entire practice that relates to self development. In satanism, spirituality can include the worship of, or closer personal relationship with Satan where a person has a deeper understanding of Satan through spiritual experiences and ideals. Satanic spirituality can be expressed in many ways.

Three Methods of Expression

First, there is ritual worship, where you may worship or admire Satan thus bringing you closer to his force. You can use the rituals created by others to do this, or work with your own personally created rituals.

The second method is through prayer or meditative focus, whereby you may focus on the force, energy or essence of Satan. What this means to you is your own personal vision, and its a part of your spirituality.

The third method is through occult means such as through divination, magic, scrying, or ritual or ceremonial magic. With divination you are able to gain insight into your spiritual relationship with Satan. Through magic you are able to invoke his force as an additive to your magic, and with scrying you may be able to have meditative visions of Satan, thereby expressing your spirituality through your own inner visions, or by using ritual or ceremonial magic to evoke the essence of Satan as a spiritual force within.

Spirituality is a Practice, not a Belief

Spirituality is a practice, not a belief. So if you have no real experience in spirituality you may feel that you have to believe in something in order to feel spiritual. Spirituality is a development that comes through practice. It is development in self-awareness, awareness of self and how you are connected to life from a spiritual perspective, understanding the spiritual aspects of gods and demons, or whatever you choose as a means of self-development.

Since it is a practice, it is something that is learned and experienced through doing. My spiritual practice is something that I fulfill every day. I read my tarot once a day, at least. And, I read passages from certain books and meditate on their meaning, every day. Sometimes I focus on the essence of Satan when I burn a candle on my altar for him.

I study my dreams with spiritual intent when I am able to remember them. I mediate with certain crystals and stones to gain their spiritual benefits. I am aware of the spiritual movements in my life, both in the past and in the present.

Spirituality and the Absolute

What about spiritual attainment? Is there such a thing, the absolute spiritual state? I seriously doubt it. Spirituality is about the journey, not the destination. You do not know what your destination will be until you make that journey. Even in the grade ritual magic system of the Golden Dawn, the Ipissimus, the highest most absolute grade is impossible to attain.

It is an ideal, and ideals are not true; and since we live in the real world its better to start with the here and now and begin with what you already have.

Your foolish desire to be an all-powerful, immortal, Satanic ‘warlock’ of never-ending destruction end here. Its time for some real goals and real pursuits, and leave fantasy behind. Regardless of all the books and teachers, real learning happens within, its an inner process of understanding. If you seek fulfillment then maybe you should question your motives, and make a real plan to act on so that dream can become a reality.

Only when knowledge is understood can it become wisdom, and knowing. You can only accomplish this through trial and effort and practice, by finding the methods that benefit you.

Satanism really is a long and lonely road. I say this because you have to be your own teacher and your own student, in a one-room classroom. Nobody is going to do this for you. The goal of Satanic Spirituality is self-development, awareness, and the knowledge of the spiritual and material aspects of Satan, and how these things are reflected in life. It is knowing how you are able to connect with the world and how the world effects you through this spiritual awareness.

Nobody can hep you to come to that kind of understanding. I had to do it myself through years of trial and error, but always spirituality in Satanism has been my goal. I discussed some of these ideas about my spirituality in the essay, The Force of Satan.

The addition of spirituality to the practice of Satanism is useful for those that want to develop a personal relationship with Satan. What lead me to that realization was the knowledge that the material aspects of Satanism are great. But, along with this are the inner aspects, the spiritual self that works in unison with the physical. We can have one without the other but I am seeking a more complete understanding, and denying the spiritual over the physical {as some satanists do} does not make sense to me, nor is it useful for a complete understanding of Satan, from a personal perspective.

Beginning your Journey into Satanic Spirituality

So you don’t even know where to begin when you have no experience in Satanic spirituality? Try to be willing to set aside your doubt while you practice rituals and reach out to Satan with your heart. Meditate on his force and let him be known to you. Try reaching out to Satan with a personal prayer or conversation, daily. Search out methods of spirituality and practice them until something resonates within you.

There’s no absolute right way to seek this experience, because it is something that is individually felt. Maybe then you will find the methods that allow you to connect with your own spirituality, through study, practice, time and effort, and a willingness and desire to know the self and the world around you in a spiritual way.

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