For Satan (Who is Satan?)

This is a beautiful poem sent to me by one of my readers, named Qnuan. This poem takes you on a journey through the natural world and all that Satan represents.

Beyond recall, he sits defiled by fear,

Of men that casted all their wrong in him,

Like fools transferred their ills, themselves to jeer

Onto a name they do not know by whim.

For watching sun awake with morning dawn,

The subtle dew on leafs return to skies,

I know ’tis he that tired nature spawns,

His truest purpose hidden from our eyes:

Twice more the will of Gaia strives to work,

For many be at odds with her unknown,

Yet secretly they must return to lurk

With him, the stranger, foolishness atone.

Let Satan be the name that brings us awe,

He’s in the rain, he’s in the eagle’s claw.

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