Thank you for 13 Great Years ~

Venus Satanas Spiritual SatanismIt’s been 13 years since I first started writing about Satanism. In looking back at my old website from 2004-2005, I was reminded of how far I’ve come and how far there is still left to go.

My old site, titled “Theistic Satanism and Magic” didn’t get its .com name until about 2007, but even before then I knew that my writings about Satanism would help others, and help me as well. I’ve learned a lot by teaching and it’s a big responsibility to try to answer to people’s questions on spirituality.

I always hope that I am doing the right thing. I try not to speak for all of Satanism and I try not to speak for Satan either. Your relationship with Satan is personal and sacred and it is your journey, your path to walk. I can only tell you about the possibilities.

By the time I created my site back in ’04, I had been a Satanist for 13 years. Now, today, I’m celebrating 13 years of sharing my knowledge and insights on Satanism, and helping others to discover this awesome path. I want to thank all the friends and fans that have been on this journey with me.

Through my ministry in Satanism I am helping to fulfill the pact that I created 13 years ago. In my promise to Satan, I swore to be his ally in word and deed and in return, have a place by his side.

I had created my first pact with Satan back in 1992, but I was so young and didn’t understand the potential that Satanism had. After learning about life I was able to re-negotiate my pact under better, more focused terms 13 years later. My journey through working with Satan has been one of the most vital parts of my life, it defines who I am every day. The benefits that I have experienced from this relationship have been numerous and satisfying.

Satanism is always evolving and it’s exciting to be on the edge of it’s ever changing landscape. Satanism has come a long way from the days of bulletin boards, flame wars and myspace profiles. Now we have knowledge and resources available to use that weren’t even really available ten years ago. Satanism has been getting more positive media exposure now than it has ever been, and I’m proud to be a part of that. I hope you are too!

Hail Satan! And happy Halloween!

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