Satanity Chatroom

Spiritual Satanist Chat

Welcome to the Satanity chatroom! We founded our channel in 2007. If you have your own IRC client you can connect with us at channel #satanity

Once you join, PLEASE WAIT sometimes we are NOT AT THE KEYBOARD at the moment. If you wait someone will reply to you. Popping in the chat for 3 seconds isn’t going to get you a reply. We have lives outside of the internet!! I am there in the chat every day (as VenusSatanas) but you may have to wait for a reply…..

Chatroom Rules:
– This is an adult chatroom and the topic is Satanism. Off topic chatter is not permitted. Discussions on politics, latest news, video games or anything not related to Satanism is not permitted. This chatroom is a place of learning and as such, off topic chatter is a distraction.

– This chatroom is for English speaking people, we don’t understand you if you type in other languages. IRC doesn’t translate languages.

– This chatroom is not the place to find a date hookup, or discuss sexuality. You can go elsewhere for that. Foul, off-topic language is not permitted.

– Excessive flooding or typing one word per line will get you kicked and banned, no questions.

– PRIVATE MESSAGING IS NOT ALLOWED. NO ONE WANTS TO BOTHER WITH A PRIVATE MESSAGE. And if its that important then why waste it in a private conversation? I don’t answer private messages. period.

– Lastly, understand that we may not always be at the keys at every moment of the day or night. It might take a few minutes to get a response.

© Venus Satanas