Who Was Pope Lucifer?

His real name was Lucifer, his title in the Christian church “era in the third century” was Bishop Lucifer of Cagliari, of Sardinia. Hence he was called/known in the times as CARA-LITANUS.” Although referred to as the Pope of the Luciferian doctrine/paradigm, history records he was really a Sardinian Christian Bishop with close ties to the ruling pope. But to both the ancient and modern Sardinians, he is referred to as “Saint Lucifer,” even though he was never canonized officially.

Just his name and title as a leading figure head in those times of the early Christian faith should give us pause to reconsider what Christianity originally was, and has become today.

But what was it originally that the name Lucifer was held in such high esteem,in the first place? After all, Lucifer is supposed to be the name of Satan before his fall from grace in Christian doctrine. So naming someone Lucifer, and that person rises to the heights of Church power really does not make sense, unless Christian theology as we think we know it today is corrupted! Bishop Lucifer was not only a critical participant in the early church, but he was/is viewed as a key critical thinker-philosopher of ancient Christianity and in good light I may add. But the champion Bishop Lucifer’s works were all in the language of their time, “Latin documents,” and before Jerome’s translations. In the fourth century AD/AC when Jerome did his translation he slandered the Bishop by including phrases of a fall of Lucifer from grace in what was supposed to be sacred biblical texts, “God’s word,” The Bible!

Isa 14:12How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

This is an important terror message to the faithful, because Bishop Lucifer was very adamantly against the “Merging Nation States” with the Church.” Merging thus createsa mono state theology devoid of any questioning of those in power, devoid of opposition and dissent, devoid to add any new discoveries, devoid of freedom of expression, devoid of free speech, or just basically devoid of free will ideas which could and was enforced by the courts of law.

Thus any other not sanctioned religion became a crime!

That is what State Religions are all about, using or corrupting the legal system to enforce their doctrine by fabricating “so called morals laws” and punishments. And this, is exactly what Bishop Lucifer was against. The closeness of Bishop Lucifer to the Pope at the time, that he was considered a contender to become the next pope. Thus what Jerome added to the Bible (in Isa 14:12) was a warning that, that regardless of high position or prestige no one was safe to speak out against anything state sanctioned.

This is very telling! That Lucifer of Cagliari was the right hand man to the presiding pope doing all the pope’s business and trouble shooting. Since the Pope would be difficult to bring down, the Arius group wanted to make sure that this opposition proponent of the pope never reached that position and they were correct. This historical character of Bishop Lucifer is still being down played to this very day, (art thou cut down to the ground) They thought he would have weakened the Powers of State Religion.

He (Bishop Lucifer) was an ardent supporter of the cause of Athanasius the Great. When his support was shaken by the unfavorable result of the synod of Arles in 353 AD/AC he volunteered to endeavor to obtain a “New and Impartial,” Counsel, for the sake of justice! It there by was no mistake for the Pope of the day “Pope Liberius,” to include Bishop Lucifer as his point man with Pancratius the presbyter and Hilarius the Deacon to argue the Pope’s and Lucifer’s pro Athanasius’s case.

However, this was not enough and the case was lost, thus for all their actions they could not prevent the open condemnation of Athanasius, which was renewed at Milan in 355 AD/AC. Lucifer being the chief defense council would not submit to anything less than total vindication for Athanasius. And his persistent adherence to the orthodox creed through out the legal ordeal, now found himself also being on trial too, for no other reason than he was thedefense council, as he too would be another victim and was banned and then banished to Germanicia in Commagene.

Bishop Lucifer was a man who would not just go along with the mob of the day to keep his wealth and position. He became somewhat of a pariah, but could not sit still and be defeated by this exile, so he thus started traveling the Mediterranean sea cities. He spend much time at Eleutheropolis in what then was known as Palestine, and finally landed up living in the upper Thebaid. His descent into banishment came to an end when his exile was reversed with the publication of Julian’s Edict in 362 AD/AC.

His exile may have come to an end, but the years of uncertainty and persecution took their toll and from 363 until his death in 371 he lived at Cagliari in a state of voluntary separation from the ecclesiastical fellowship with his former friends “Eusebius of Vercelli, Athanasius, and the church he tried to save.” The reason was obvious, his idea of the separation of Church and State failed, well fell short of his objectives anyway.

To Lucifer the continued persecutions and ill treatment of those who were Arianized against their Will (into Official State Religions) even though these people did so unwillingly under government threats and legalized persecutions by Constantius/Constantine was not a reversal of the merging of state and church, but a continued albeit in disguise “sinister partnership” which still was state controlled religion (but repackaged) which used torture, persecution, and legalized heresy laws to enforce conformity, but even to those who merely were forced into Arianism unwillingly for just a very short time were hounded, tortured, and exterminated, (holocaust) and it was this that really stuck in his gut through out his life.

The word Arianism in those times meant the merging of Government and Religion into one! Inother words, “Military Force Religion” State Religion! It was Constantine’s dream and eventual reality to bring this abomination into being. And it has never ceased even unto this very day.

But this is not the end of the story of Bishop Lucifer. Lucifer was totally against Authoritarian rule, theocracies, and dictators, hence his problems with Constantine and the Arius doctrine of forced morality via law enforcement by thought police. This is where the Inquisition and Fascism sprouts from these roots. Before I can go into the Saturnalian rites of Christianity I must first expound on the other players who were either puppets or string pullers that effected Bishop Lucifer’s life and career.

The events and personalities of those interacting either negatively or positively with Lucifer are glossed over in main stream “historical medea” simply because those personsand events are one of the darkest chapters in all of Christendom, except for the silence and complicity of Christians during the holocaust in world war 2.

Liberius was pope, the pontifax Maximus from 352 to 366 AD/AC. He was the successor of Julius I. But what is glossed over is the fact that Constantine the Emperor via using the Arius doctrine named himself the savior of the world. Liberius, Lucifer, and Athanasius who had remained somewhat calm about Constantine’s madness, (thinking it just a phase of office) however, became alarmed about Constantine leading a new world order via an Arianized Political Religious Government and making himself the supreme leader of state religion and the world. The three along with a few others who opposed this Arius madness wasted no time in confronting Constantine.

First by Athanasius,with letters of pleas and recommendations that were scorned, but then according to the”:Catalogus Liberianus,” that Liberius would become the next pope and became pope on May 22, 352 AD/AC. But after Constantine by asserting that he had communed and was filled with the logos of God, (s o f i a) (d n u a m z) appointed himself to the highest position on earth, next to the Father God himself, caused the new pope Liberius as his first official act of office, after a synod had been held at Rome, was to officially write to Constantine who was at Arles, but this time as Pontifax Maximus (POPE) on behalf of the fate of Athanasius for resisting the new messiah Constantine.

Constantine acting for the sake of “peace” was determined to use military force to remove his doubter,Athanasius. Thus the Pope now trying to act as a mediator requested from Constantine that a council be called at Aquileia to resolve this issue between Athanasius and the new anointed one, (Christ) Constantine. But the Pope’s messenger with full powers of papal negotiations “Vincentius of Capua” became some how “Compelled” personally by the emperor himself to subscribe an official papal condemnation of the orthodox patriarch of Alexandria,Athanasius.

Pope Liberius refused to sign the condemnation, as did Dionysius of Milan, Eusebius of Vercelli, and Lucifer of Cagliari. It is at this point that Bishop Lucifer under the direction of Pope Liberius took up the cause to be the legal defender for Athanasius but directed his angst and disappointment directly at the reigning emperor, Constantine… This became known as the start of the “Controversial writings of Lucifer,” but are dated after Lucifer’s exile.

Constantine then used his imperial command to anew the condemnation but this time in Milan, thus him being Emperor and voice of God he was able to impose by military command that all the Bishops of Western Europe to fall in line and sign the condemnation. The little waver In there was that the position of the pope was to be a joint venture but without pope Liberius being in Rome. Pope Liberius was relegated to a place called Boroea in Thrace, and that a Constantinian Arius appointee named Felix II was then consecrated Liberius’s successor.

Felix the second is referred to as the “Anti-pope.” Emperor Constantine did this to “Compel” the deposed real Pope Liberius to sign on to the Condemnation of Athanasius. But to further embarrass and degrade Pope Liberius, Constantine demanded and got Liberius to agree to give up an undetermined Quality known as “homoousios.”

So upon agreeing to give up “homoousios,” and to abandon Athanasius, and to accept the Communion of his adversaries, the Emperor recalled him from exile; BUT as the “Roman See” was still officially occupied by Felix, a year passed before Liberius was allowed to return to Rome. It was the Emperor’s intention that Felix stay on as the official pope and Liberius be another pope. (a visible lackey). One has to read in-between the lines with the insane actions and ludicrous demands of Constantine.

However, this was a brilliant move for the emperor to totally degrade Liberius and cause a division with his point man Lucifer of Cagliari. If only it worked? But when Liberius returned to Rome, Felix was expelled by none other than the Roman people, who were still a citizenry force to be dealt with.

More to Come.Start new page: Reversal of Fortunes, Uncertain Qualities, Constantine’s See Saw theologies. The Controversial Writings of Lucifer,” were first collected and edited by Tillius (Paris 1568)>New edition was made by W. Hartel in Vienna, Corpus, Script.Eccl. Lat 1886G Kruger, Lucifer Bishof von Cagliari und das Schisma der Luciferianer (Leipzig 1886)F. G Kenyon, “Textual Criticism” It should be noted that bishop Lucifer argued that the preserved or recently dead can be physically resurrected. And this physical reanimation will be my next installment on Bishop Lucifer.

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