My Testimony – Written by Qnuan

Here is a personal testimony by a Satanist friend who was able to abandon Christianity finally and embrace his Satanic nature. If you are struggling to leave Christianity these two articles may help: On Leaving Christianity, a Satanist’s Advice and further reading at the Spiritual Satanist Blog:  On Leaving Christianity, Reader Q&A

My Testimony – Written by Qnuan

Sheep should not be underestimated. It makes one wonder to whom Christ was really referring to when he talked of wolfs in sheep’s clothing. Dealing with occultists makes any reasonable person realize the opposite is true. It is the sheep, after all, that warred against the pagans, murdering them for land and possessions. It is as if those who fight for God put him in a cage like a magical fairy, drawing his power, but not seeking his will. Since there is no account in the Jewish Texts that Satan ever fell, yet he suffers the slanders from the religious it is not surprising even many Christians turn away from their faith.

If we find ourselves having to do damage control to what the church preaches, holding contradictions … a thing you have to bendSatanic Magic and warp to fit, obviously, there is a large flaw. What is disturbing is that it seems there is another force at work here. If Satan never fell, this means some other institution besmeared his name. One only has to look to see how a damaged Satan not only fails to fulfill his role, but also how God’s word radically changes into a nightmare. This seems like a very clever plan thought up by yet another Satan/enemy. This bad interpretation forever tainted the role of Satan.

This leads honest and logical people to the point of being stuck in a difficult situation. It turned other deities into demons, yet another misunderstood word. It does not take a Satanist or much schooling in the occult to see these flaws. A child can see them and if that child is strong, he holds on to his feeling of logic and justice, but finds himself outnumbered in a world where many dearly hang on to their ignorance. How does one correct other’s ignorance, living among them every day; watching them stumble over obstacles, which their faith makes invisible to them?

True understanding of Satanism helps us to realize that unity with people and deities are possible. If people are at peace, the gods will be at peace; however, we so seldom see people at peace with others or themselves. It is sad to think that we live in a world where people think they worship God, but in actuality, they have deified the labyrinth of their own mind … and the shrewd exploit this. I always lived my life between sheep, their errors and ideas like endless spouting fountains. As a youth, they thought me cute and said I was going to be wise; but when I grew up my wise ideas were incongruous with the thoughts of society. As adults, they reduce us … also to be bent and warped to fit the part.

The wise Satanists watch the herd charging over the abyss. They close their ears and hang on to a Bible and a God, not knowing that God wants to escape them like a lark, caged in a noisy factory. I find my peace in writing. I gaze at my screen, my background, Athena; I write my thoughts and my poetry in the hope that my satanic writings and the works of others will pierce their minds. All I know is that if Satan is restored to his rightful place, much of theology will come tumbling down: Christians will have to rethink scriptures; there will be no more room for the evil Satan, the prosecution and judgment of other faiths. The world can radically change — for the better, if only humankind will face the truth.

Hail Satan!

Written by Qnuan

If you have a personal Satanic Testimony that you would like to share here at please contact me! I will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

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