What is Hekatean Satanism?

This is an essay on the intuitive approach to feminism in Satanism through the path of the Dark Goddess Hekate. Women feel the need to understand the Satanic current, not from a place of submission like it had been portrayed so many times, but from a place of power! Women crave those dark feminine forces that we, as women, all belong to.

Satanism is very male-centric, so as women, we have to seek other dark avenues as a release. The ancient goddess, Hecate, serves this role, as do several other ancient goddesses who are ready and willing to help us explore the dark side!

I would like to share a personal story with you, from a woman named Violet Moonshadowz. She is an ordained High Priestess in the Hekatean tradition, an accomplished Certified Golden Angelic Teacher, Healer and Medium. She is also a Certified Angelic Oracle Card Reader, as well.

You can read more about the path of Hekatean Satanism at the Priestess Violet Moonshadowz Website

What is Hekatean Satanism?

By Preistess Violet Moonshadowz

It is indeed a path that isn’t well known. Sure, you may find aspects of it within the Luciferian path or the Draconian Tradition.

But, only an aspect. I personally say that you will find aspects of the paths above among others within my own! I do not copy others. I take from what others leave unsaid unlearned rejected or misunderstood and format my own way.

While I’m a hard polytheist; My path recognizes Hekate and Lucifer as the favored God and Goddess. Though they have many heads and wear many masks; neither of them claim to have created all and everything. Why?

Because there must always be a sliver of Unknown.

Within the path of Hekatean Satanism there must always be a portion within ourselves, others, nature, and the Universe that should be seen as unknowable and respected as such!

There are many reasons for this but the main reason is that without that sacred unknown then we would reach the limit of evolution and we should never entrap ourselves concerning such a topic!

Without boring you to death with too many details about my own journey as well as making this seem like an excuse to network my own website–allow me to cut to the chase yet have this guest post–upon the very site of an occultist whom I greatly respect and owe credit to in finding the courage within myself to begin walking upon my own unique Satanic edged path– become as short as possible and poetically describe the blatant illumination upon my path.

A Satanic path should always be mixed with truth of the past, present and hope for the future of mankind’s mentality.

A Satanic path should be brutally honest about the polarities that reside within (both individually) the darkness and light!

A path that recognizes Satan as his or her most trusted ally on a path of inversion. The reverse path, walking backwards into thyself yet taking notes with awareness and simultaneously inquiring of the very light that is awareness itself!

History comes first

History has shown us that the Goddess Domain isn’t accepted in religion and is confused for “dark forces” on many self acclaimed evolved spiritual paths! Goddess Domain isn’t well integrated within the human psyche as a whole either!

Even in the most mundane non spiritual or religious ways!

For instance–

Control or change over emotions by logic is forced. Never force change upon feelings. Feelings do not come from ordered realm. Feelings feel what they feel even if not based in truth or logic or reasons. That isn’t the purpose of feelings. Feelings should remain that way as they will evolve in their own time.

The logical mind should remain focus on what logic sees as truth as simultaneously feeling will remain what feeling feels. Logic then should take out from feeling what can be orderly expressed. If it’s not ready it isn’t ready. Know that Feeling that is forced, controlled unfairly, misunderstood, judged harshly, there are repercussions.

Allow room for inner chaos, inner order, inner war, inner peace, opposition. Get used to it.

Emotion, imagination, thoughts of magick (of the old natural kind) and/or miracles among many other things, including Earth magick, are cautioned against! Ever wonder why humanity became afraid of the woods?

It is said that all of attributes within the Goddess domain need to be controlled or ignored – disbelieved in. Distrusted. Even down to our very natural intuition including our much needed self love is included; and coupled with other “symptoms” on a list that refers to many psychological mental health diseases! (Disclaimer- This is not to argue or discreet modern science and/or medicine within the mental/physical health realm. If you suspect mental Illness that is without a doubt causing harm–seek help for oneself or another!)

The Path of Hekatean Satanism

The path, or more appropriately, my brand of Hekatean Satanism, is the path where we walk directly towards all that we are taught to fear, reject, disbelieve, particularly with a suspicious condescending tone- in order to put it to the test for the sake of our own well being, our own truth, and above all our own personal experience!

Satanism as Anton Lavey outlined and described for the people in 1966 was and still is today but a gateway for just that!

But Hekate encourages anyone who finds her at the crossroads to take a step further and deeper into the bowels of the unknown than most other brands of Satanism or Luciferianism will ever admit to or advise.

I heard once, “A Luciferian should never admit to seeing the God’s as Real or else you will be automatically be seen as a Christian”. First of all, Rules like this or any rule that starts off as saying a Luciferian or Satanist “should” or “should not” do this or that…. these statements needs to be well thought out before said or else, some people, including myself might see that more than a simple act of faith, to be of a Christian nature!

Faith in the God’s, or claiming yourself as theistic, or religious, is not the problem, and never was. If we cannot admit the power that religions have as well as the influential power of spirits however you choose to see them, archetype or willful beings matters not, then you are meant for the atheistic path. Not this one.

A Satanist, stated by Anton LaVey, yet rarely quoted but very important, should be free to make up his/her own mind regarding the existence of a deity. It isn’t required to be an atheist to be a Satanist, just as it is not required to have faith in an deity. However the acknowledge of the power of the infernal NAMES, if you chose to be a magician, is required to a degree or another.

It is a step to testing these topics on your own personal level. Never repeat another, never be a copy. Be your own unique self that speaks of your own experiences. Your experiences make you who you are. All of them. No more the good ones nor the bad ones. All.

This is a path for those whom are called to find the answers to questions one may hold due to having deeper or more extreme spiritual or paranormal experiences relating to the spirit world and realm of the Dead. As i have since I can remember. Both in human Spirits and realm of the dead.

It is rare to find a balanced path with a Satanic edge that is open to the concepts of afterlife, reincarnation, and a realistic view of karma, among others aside from the fragmented paths of dark paganism or neo-paganism–most others will teach you to ignore or dramatically rationalize these concepts. If you’ve never experienced these things or haven’t experienced the realm from which they come from then you have zero expertise on the subject therefore out of respect this isn’t your area, you should exercise your will to remain silent and observe with a respectful inquisitive aura.

I propose to everyone no matter your experiences terrifying or miraculous–that there isn’t anything to fear! It is fear that keeps you from learning! It will not cause you to find madness. If you do find madness then you were already mad to begin with. And there isn’t any shame is being who we are completely with blatant awareness!

The Goddess Domain

The Goddess Domain is reaching out towards us. And repeatedly being misunderstood by and will continue to do so to the ones who remain in the shadow of ignorance of those before them! She needs to be known once again!

Greeted; as an equal, explored, tested, even challenged-as she will with a smile accept your challenge, so that she may show you the very answers you’ve been seeking whether you were aware of it or not!

She, the torch bearer, Royal Lady at the Crossroads is much like our Satan, the enemy, the feared, worthless, degraded, the She-Dragon whom remains hidden, camouflaged mixing in with the environment until those with a keen eye see her true form. With love she will welcome you. Like our well known light bringer, Lucifer, she will never lead you astray. She will never expect blind faith.

Personal experience is above all else most important and the only medium through we we attain self knowledge that is a direct link to the Universe itself!

Many times however we are expected to find our wholeness in only the logical side of the brain. The Ego. This is only one part! Logic can only bring you to where you may be now, wondering, at a standstill, by the crossroads, wondering what is ahead yet not trusting the even blacker night that softly surrounds a still yet reflective onyx lake that is a waiting your will to be exercise to chose to move closer, that lies ahead of you.

I’m inviting you to journey through the deepest and murkiest waters of yourself to find the onyx pearl within the seashell that lies upon the floor of the deepest watery world than ever before! As Hekate illuminates those waterways with the light of her fire that burns no matter where she resides, Earth, air, or water.

She is the fire that encompasses it all. She is Akasha. Queen of the damned that are blessed. And so are we.

Lilith can or may only bring one so far; perhaps to the border, the very edge to where she will drop you off by her long and wicked talons of her Giant screech owl draconian form.

Yet; this is only the abyss that you’ve chosen to wait within. It is the end and beginning of where your logical mind and imaginative mind end and begin. Where they meet and intersect. You may feel content, you may feel like you’ve graduated or there is no need to move further. But there is always a reason to keep going. But that is a choice and chance that can only be made by you and in order to find complete power; the gift of individualism, and what it’s supposed to provide!

Immortality. Spark of remembrance of prior, in between and future lives. The bowels of your Hell yet and your Heavens!

This choice to move deeper may ask for sacrifice. It will require something from you . Faith. However never blind. Never without logic yet never without imagination.

It may ask for more self inquiry. But never believe your path to self knowledge has a limit! Or you create a limit within yourself!

You never know how far you can go until you tread that path!

This is only reserved for those who feel the call from the depths of the sea! A call to rebel against even yourself; in order to realize that an even deeper part of intelligence and knowing thyself is to know how powerless you truly are when up against the Mother of All, Hekate, also known as Tiamat, Leviathan, The Hydra, Serpent of the Sea!

Hekate; In her true Draconian form! It is said that in ancient times the crossroads was guarded by Dragon’s instead of Dogs or wolves. And that when the time is right, the time will come to feel and answer the call of the Dragon. Once greeted by the Elements as the Royal Dragon Guardians.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Finally the fifth Element… will approach you in order to integrate the great and final Dragon, Akasha and yourself together as one.

The True Face of Hekate!

The most intelligent animal most know not only its power but it’s weaknesses. Know itself and it’s enemies! That is why there are no boundaries between hero and villain on the Hekatean Path.

Hekatean Satanist uses the powers of necromancy, mediumship, channeling, astrology, moon/sun magick, planetary magick, faith in the power of the Gods and/or spirits including the wisdom found within the realm of the dead, living, hell, heaven, in between–left, right, all realms are connected to The One. You. Me. Her. Him. There are many paths yet one destination but only when you consciously chose!

When you invoke the elemental dragon’s in ritual, you invoke both Michael and Lucifer. Then you will see the truth of this entity, this tale, the two become one! Right and Left become as needed and necessary as your right and left feet and/or hands!

In order to become truly victorious one must defeat the greatest enemy of all, the ignorance of mankind. All false darkness that is the incorrect thinking of mankind is needed but only in order to learn from said mistake to rise above from dark to reach the light. Only to fall into darkness again relating another topic then rise again to fall once more.

Sleep, wake, rise, remember, fall, sleep, wake, rise, remember, fall.

Yet this path is not to merely accept whats been found by our ancestors. It is to use what’s been found as a guide in order to find another opening within our very own soul in order to create a new pathway, a new way of being, a new form or shape!

If you know that shape, let that be the goal, if you do not, remain open to receive the gift of that shape!

Goddess Domain is open to all of creation! But now requiring only NEW shapes! Give a reason to keep going or accept your fate. There is both controlled and uncontrolled fate.

Life isn’t one or the other. There are a million ways, but they are choices in the moment. Nit identity or forms of definitions of reality.

The only way to learn us to tread through the darkness and corruption of one’s own soul that is connected to all others.

Hekate once told me, “The mind of a God or Goddess is a mind that can effortlessly hold a large amount of paradox, possibility, opposition”.

Eternal proposition.

Learning the ancient repeated mistakes of our kind in order to bring about a true change and true end of that which hinders evolution towards wholeness of the fragmented soul!

We are spiritually and imaginatively stagnant. Goddess Domain is approaching you asking you what will you do with this fact?

This isn’t for the narrow-minded, nor for the sensitive, nor for the imbalanced selfish, nor for the overly selfless! This isn’t for left hand nor for right hand.

But for the souls whom are ready to step out of duality thinking and accept duality as a tool to be used as expression not as an identity! This is for the balanced Scales.

For the purist black flame of the dragon that resides in the Scarlett and meaty heart that can hold and accept their rawest hunger, their very thirst for ancient knowledge one could ever hope to find!

The Goddess Domain

Ultimately, I am bringing the most longed for part of the soul, the darkest, black as Nyx herself, the most rejected, misunderstood, entity that is of the primal creative void of the deepest of onyx depth of the waters. Nyx, she who spawns imagination and and logic as equal parts of the God and Goddess. These are gifts, passed onto the chosen humanity whom know what to do with these gifts instead of fixate upon the free will of choice to pick one or the other–which is a foolish game of illusion.

Nyx allows you to move beyond this game of egocentric movements and put your will to use in order to create a new world where much more is known than now,as is accepted but also even more of the black unknown lies ahead. This can only be referred to as abyss of formless to be formed by its creator and equally its very own separate will.

The Goddess Domain is without limits until you decide there are, this being is becoming embodied by my own choice. And by doing so, I am to encourage others to walk similar path that feel a resonance with it. It requires only mad intuition, intensity of hunger for self knowledge, love for rebellion against all and even oneself in the needed ways. Above all it requires inner trust, trust in the universe, in the natural Satanic current that flows within your blood. And the waters of all bodies.

This path is the closest chance I have to the ancient and traditional ways that were stolen from the people of the past, destroyed, rewritten, in order to give an underdeveloped stage of the human ego a sense of godhood.

Perhaps may have been needed but only to be seen through and understood as mistake. The ego most likely cannot have a chance at finding true godhood until it is, at least, reunited with what was taken from it!

Goddess. Mother. Luna. Gaia. Earth Dragon, Water Dragon, The one scarlett Draconian face of the being otherwise known as Archangel Michael. Lucifer is the Air Dragon, the other head or mask. All these angels are the Ancient God’s themselves. It is why they are still remembered.

The Draconian God needs his Reptilian Goddess to return! Lucifer needs his Mother, sister, and daughter back into his pearlesque draconian embrace!

The right to feel what is felt, the right to imagine what is imagined, and the very acceptance of that along with the logical mind to respectfully discern yet not to debunk is needed and craved in order to become whole.

To remember throughout every lifetime incarnate; this Universe is here to do simply yet miraculously do just THAT!

To Dream, to awaken, to manifest and remember who you are!

In conclusion, I will state that again this is only a mere sharing. A glimpse of colors upon my path. Glimpse inside the Mother Khaos. Akasha. Noone is being forced. Only to be told that this is an option for those whom are interested is, at bare minimum, listening/reading what I have learned, gained, channeled from my rituals, astral travels, and time spent with my Deities, the planets, the dead, and Earth spirits.

Much of it will seem hard to understand but may resonate on a level one cannot deny. Or perhaps you will feel I am deep within the depths of madness. But we all are indeed mad here.

If you deny this fact. You haven’t fully met yourself without a mask yet. Keep going, you will.

I will leave you with my Seven Hekatean Suggestions and my address to my website/Blog. Please feel free to follow. I have a large and wealthy amount of ideas, personal experience, knowledge, fact and myths (rewritten) that are rarely explained in such a specific way before.

If anything, I do hope you were entertained.

Thank you Venus Satanas for this opportunity.


Seven Hekatean Suggestions

1)Become spiritually fearless by becoming spiritually knowledgeable!

(This means to approach all spirits, Deities, whether seemingly dark or light that may come to you or you call on them with respect, curiosity instead of fear and entrapment or trying to get rid of them. If you’re ever in a situation where a spirit has come to you whether causing issues or not. There is a reason for it! In this path, Hekate is believed to contain all spirits, and is the Mother of angels and demons.)

2) Develop necromancy power.

(Get to know Hades or Hell as an ally!) Make Hell aka Underworld your ally. In order to know the heavens aka the upper world (the stars, planets, above) then you must first dive into the lower worlds. You cannot understand light if you do not understand dark.

3) Take self responsibility for both mundane and magickal actions you take!

For every action there is response. Without this reaction magick couldn’t be successful! (Karma is a very basic and practical natural law and explains many things that is happening in our realm. But it needs to be understood on a practical level than ever before. I can help!)

4)Become knowledgeable of the planets.

Know their influential power. Respect their power. Offer them a partnership in order to gain favor. Begin a journey of planetary magick. (The upper world)

5)Know the royalty of hell and their female consorts!

Belial/Lilith (fire), Lucifer/Hekate (air), Leviathan/Tiamat (water), and Satan/Persephone(Earth). (The Dragon Guardians)

6) Create your own moral compass!

The point of this path is to begin a journey of self love, self knowledge, avoid self deceit, etc. You need to know what is good for you and what is not! (Develop your own judgement once you’ve gained personal experience)

7)Learn to curse as effectively as you can heal!

One is useless without the other. Maintain equilibrium. (The scales are an important symbol, study Themis/Nemesis for understanding.)

You can read more about the path of Hekatean Satanism at Priestess Violet Moonshadowz Website ~ If you enjoyed this article, please like and share!

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