Hedonism in Satanism

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Hedonism is defined as the instinct of the enjoyment of things that are pleasurable, and the dislike of that which is painful. Although both terms are subjective in their use, pleasure is described as that which is desirable and pain that which is undesirable. The modern-day association of hedonism is that it is an instinct based on empty selfish desires of the flesh such as sexual lust, excessive drinking and debauchery. These are the things that make us feel good but distract us from the important things in life.

This is an aversion from the original historical interpretation of the Greek philosopher Epicurus and his teachings, who taught that humans are motivated by the singular desire to experience pleasure and to see pain as objectionable. This philosophy is what is known as motivational hedonism, a type of psychological pleasure-seeking that states humans are only driven by that which is pleasurable and gratifying, or are discouraged by pain and discomfort.

The Principle of Pleasure and Pain

The philosophy of hedonism in Satanism can be used as a doctrine, or a personal way of living. These principles were first introduced in books like the Satanic Bible. However, hedonism is not a means to justify irrational behaviors. Too much pleasure can lead to pain, invariably upsetting the balance between what is beneficial for the Satanist and what is not. Since humans are naturally attracted to this pleasure-seeking principle, it is easy for the Satanist to procure situations in which a person who has little or no self control can be easily lead into the hedonistic cycle of pleasure and pain. It is also conceivable to cause these desires to manifest according to this principle. The Satanist seeks to know his target’s pleasure and pain and uses these things as avenues of attack and manipulation through magical methods.

The ends justify the means, which is self gratification and satisfaction which can be very pleasurable. Although it is temporary, and we do not question the influences that make us desire these things, as it is part of the factors that influence a person’s will. A life philosophy of Satanic hedonism is not once-a-week ritual of material debauchery and empty sexual gratification, but an ongoing spiritual process of tearing down and rebuilding the self, according to desire.


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