Meet Venus Satanas

How Satanism Found Me

Venus Satanas
Venus Satanas 2006

I discovered Satanism at the local library back in 1992, when, in the reference section when I was looking for books on art, I found the hardcover edition of the Church of Satan written by Blanche Barton. Something called to me and I began to investigate Satanism that year. I was fortunate, however not having to grow up in a strictly Christian household, where I was free to learn about Satanism. I created my first dedication ritual that year and swore my allegiance to the powers of Darkness, and I haven't looked back since. Satan has been a guiding force in my life and to this day, I am still proud to be a Satanist.

My Career as an Artist

Venus Satanas
Venus Satanas 2010

For several years I worked as a street artist in St. Augustine, Florida. During those years they allowed artists to draw and paint on the street, and I made my living selling portraits and wildlife art. I enjoyed working with color pencil, pastel graphite, and charcoal in a realist style. It wasn't until he late 90's that they outlawed street artists, and so I had to find a new line of work. My career as a street artist in St. Augustine ended with the unfair supreme court decision against the artists of St. Augustine in 2001 - stating that music and art could not be displayed or created in public within the city.

My Career in Satanism:

Venus Satanas
Venus Satanas 2012

Writing and Videos

Many years had passed since my Satanic dedication, and I found a new outlet for creativity in writing. I created my website, to share ideas and experiences with other Satanists and seekers of the left hand path. I also started a video channel at YouTube in 2007, found at: Venus Satanas at Youtube with over 11,000 subscribers (in 2016) who are interested in learning about the Occult and Satanism. To read and hear some interviews that I did over the years, visit my Interviews with Venus Satanas page.

Women's Voices in Magic

In 2009, I was invited to write an essay for the anthology book, Women's Voices in Magic. This essay allowed me to describe what it's like to be an outspoken Satanist in a mostly male dominated field. This was one of my favorite projects to work on throughout the years. If you are a woman and you are into the occult, or Satanism, you will find this book interesting. You can find more information on this project at my Women's Voices in Magic page.

Venus Satanas
Venus Satanas 2016

Al-Jilwah for Satanists

I also authored the research book "The Al-Jilwah for Satanists", published by Lulu. This book was written for all Satanists who want to explore the historical origins of the Al-Jilwah, a mysterious religious book that has been labeled as 'evil' both by Christians and by Satanists.

It is my hope that through my videos and writing that others can learn about Satanism from an objective point of view. I do not claim to be a 'priestess' nor do I have a church, but those that have found enlightenment in my writing have perhaps found their own way in the dark.

You can connect with me on these sites: Venus Satanas FacebookVenus Satanas on YoutubeThe Spiritual Satanist BlogMy Google Plus ProfileVenus Satanas on TwitterLeft Hand Path Books,  and My articles at Hubpages