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  Venus Satanas has been a Satanist since 1992, after she discovered Satanism at the local library when she found a book on the Church of Satan. This book inspired her to walk the left-hand path. She created a ritual dedication to Satan and to Satanism at the age of thirteen. She studied and practiced Satanism and various forms of witchcraft and magic.

Venus Satanas, 2008
Venus created portrait and wildlife art for sale while working as a street artist in St. Augustine Florida from 1998-2001. She works in the realist style using color pencil, pastel graphite, and charcoal. Her career as a street artist in St. Augustine ended with the unfair supreme court decision against the artists of St. Augustine in 2001 - stating that music and art could not be displayed or created in public within the city.

Venus Satanas, 2007

Venus Satanas, 2007

Many years had passed since her Satanic dedication, and she created her website, to share her ideas and experiences with other Satanists and seekers of the left hand path. Venus Satanas also produces videos at YouTube since 2007, with many subscribers [currently over 8,000!] who are interested in learning about the Occult and Satanism.

Venus also has a personal blog, Spiritual Satanist where she posts information about Satanism and the occult. In 2009, Venus opened the Satanas Shop, to showcase and sell her Satanic art and merchandise all over the world.

She has also produced a video, "Spiritual Satanism", and the research book "The Al-Jilwah for Satanists", both published by Lulu. And, in 2009 Venus performed an evocation of Infernal Ones for the CD, "Masters of Invocation", produced by Jordan James. Venus also contributed her story of Satanism for the anthology book, "Woman's Voices in Magic", published by Imannion Press in 2010.