My Story – Who is Venus Satanas? Author, Artist & Witch

Who is Venus Satanas? Here is a brief Autobiography:

My site launched in 2004 as a place for people to learn about Spiritual Satanism. My website has helped people from all over the world. If you are into the occult or demonology or you are curious about Satanism you will feel at home here.

My writings have helped educate Satanists on where to begin in Satanism. I cover many of the questions that new Satanists have in my Satanist FAQ.

I have also helped many people to make a pact with Satan, and how to keep a lasting relationship with Satan. My essays on magic have helped those who are new to the path to understand what magic is for and how it can work for you.

Read All My Essays on Satanism, Magic and Demonology Here

Where I Began:
I began in Satanism back in 1992, before we had the luxury of the internet. I am from the old school when you had to read books and experiment on your own.

I found Satanism at the local library though a book called The Church of Satan, written by Blanche Barton. This book taught me a lot about the world of Satanism in general, and enabled me to become a Satanist on my own. I took what I could from that book and created a personal pact with Satan that same year in 1992.

I bring years worth of knowledge and experience to share with my readers around the world. Visit my Satanism, Magic and Demonology Essays page to read my articles.

If you like, take a moment to read some of the interviews that I did with others involved in Satanism and the occult. Also, am recognized in educational books focused on the sociology of Satanism. You can find a complete list here: Venus Satanas Interviews

My Blogs and Other Projects
I also have a blog where I write monthly about current social issues about Satanism. Find my blog here: Spiritual Satanist Blog.

My secondary blog, Left Hand Path Books, focuses on occult and Satanism book reviews. If you are looking on books related to Satanism and the occult, take a moment to read a review before you buy.
My Artwork
In the late 90s I also worked as a street artist, selling prints of my wildlife art, and live sketch portraits. I worked in a realist fine-art style with color pencil, graphite, charcoal and even crayon! You can see a few of my drawings at my Gallery at Imagekind.

My Personal Website, Venus
Of course with so much going on I had to create a website focused on me and my projects. Take a moment to visit my personal website  Venus there you can stay updated on all my latest endeavors on Satanism and the Left Hand Path. Alternatively you can read more about me at my Hubpages Bio page (Who is Venus Satanas?)

A Special Thank You To My Friends & Fans!

Read my thank you letter to my fans and friends, celebrating 13 great years online, on Halloween night, 2017!

Personal Outreach:
Contact me if you have any questions or comments about this website or any of my projects. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Or, you can stop by the Satanity Chatroom and speak with me in person. I am always in the chat but I may not be able to reply right away.

How You can Contribute:

PentagramI published a book for Satanists in 2018 – The Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book. The teachings and prayers in this book are a foundation for many of the things that I discuss here at my site and at my blog. When you purchase my book from my site, you will receive a signed copy, along with a gift! Purchase the Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book: Infernal Reflections here!

Also, your visits here at containing links leading to Amazon are affiliate links, which help to support this site financially. You can also help yourself at the same time, by visiting the Left Hand Path Books Blog, browse around my reviews of Satanism books, and see if something there piques your interest.

Also, I have an Etsy store, where I sell my handmade creations for Satanic ritual. You can find handmade candles, ritual tools, Satanic Altar Banners, and more! Visit my Etsy store at Dark Moon Merchant ~ And also, I am opening a new personal store in August 2018, where I sell Satanic jewelry and merchandise! I have an expanded selection of Satanic merchandise at my main store. Your purchase at my shops helps to support all my projects in Satanism.

Thank you for being a fan and a friend!

Dark Blessings!

~ Venus Satanas

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